Ellis Island Workers Project Plan Guide

First Stop The American Dream: Ellis Island Workers Project Plan Guide

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Directions: Put what you have learned about Ellis Island into project form. Choose one of the five projects listed below. Use your class worksheets as a guide. Be sure to include color diagrams and explanations, locations, and interesting facts for each.

  • Multimedia presentation: Using the “Ellis Island Occupations” worksheet, describe the main purpose and importance of each occupation. Include color visuals.
  • Oral report: Prepare and present a 1- to 2-minute report. Dress as a person who works on Ellis Island and explain the details of that occupation.
  • Picture book: Using the “Ellis Island Occupations” worksheet, create a picture book illustrating each occupation. Explain why each job is important. Share the book with the class.
  • Skit: With a partner, write and act out a skit that shows an interview of someone who works on Ellis Island.
  • Career cards: Using 5×8 index cards, create colorful career cards highlighting the key points from each occupation. Each card should state the occupation on the front with a picture of a person doing the job. Put two or three sentences on the back that explain the occupation.

Project Rubric

Category 4 3 2 1 Self Teacher
Quality Very well-executed. All required items were included. Well-executed. Most required items were included Not well-executed. Some required items were included.

Sloppily executed. Few required items were included.

Creativity Great use of color; very easy to read. Good use of color; easy to read. Color was used;somewhat legible. Some color was used; illegible in places.    
Graphic Design Extremely accurate and detailed. Accurate and had some detail. Some graphics included and labeled Few graphics were included or labeled.    
All directions were followed. Most directions were followed. Some directions were followed.

Few directions were followed.

Time and Effort Class time was used wisely; effort was excellent. Class time was used wisely; effort was good. Class time was seldom used wisely; effort was fair. Class time was not used wisely; effort was lacking.    
and Accuracy
Very complete and accurate. Fairly complete and accurate. Somewhat complete and accurate.

Not complete or accurate.


Presentation Rubric

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Category 4 3 2 1 Self Teacher
Preparedness Student was completely prepared. Student was fairly prepared. Student was somewhat prepared.

Student did not seem prepared.

Content Showed full understanding of the topic.

Showed good understanding of the topic. Showed some topic understanding. Showed little topic understanding.    
Totals 32 24 16 8