Engaging Ecosystems: Model Planning Worksheet

Name ______________________

Directions: Work with your team to create a three-dimensional model of your ecosystem. Use this worksheet to help you plan and monitor your progress.

Our Ecosystem is: __________________________________________________


Make notes of your ideas for the model here.






Materials Needed

List the materials you need for your model here.








Divide up tasks so that each team member has a part in creating the model.






Make a rough sketch of the geographical features, water features, plants, and animals you’ll be using here:





























Check Your Work!

Make sure your model includes the following:

  1. A title
  2. At least three geographic or water features
  3. At least three plants
  4. At least three animals
  5. Clearly written labels
  6. Creative use of materials
  7. Contribution from each member of your team to the model and oral presentation
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