A Notable Narrative: Frederick Douglass Timeline Worksheet

Directions: Using the vertical timeline below, answer the questions about Frederick Douglass.

Year Event in Frederick Douglass’s Life
1818 Born into slavery on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
1827 Learned to read
1830 Purchased The Columbian Orator, a collection of revolutionary speeches, debates, and writings on natural rights
1838 Disguised himself as a free black sailor, traveled to New York and declared himself free; married Anna Murray and moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts
1845 Published first autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
1847 Began publishing The North Star, a weekly newspaper in Rochester, New York
1855 Published second autobiography, My Bondage and My Freedom
1872 Moved to Washington, D.C.
1878 Moved into Cedar Hill
1881 Published third autobiography, Life and Times of Frederick Douglass; Anna Murray Douglass died
1884 Married Helen Pitts
1889-1891 Served as Minister Resident and Consul General in Haiti
1895 Died on February 20


  1. In what year was Frederick Douglass born? _________________________________________
  2. How old was Frederick Douglass when he learned to read? _____________________________
  3. What happened in 1838? _______________________________________________________
  4. Who was Douglass’s second wife? ________________________________________________
  5. What happened first, Frederick Douglass began publishing The North Star newspaper or he wrote his second autobiography? _________________________________________________________
  6. List his three autobiographies, in the order in which they were written.
    1. _________________________________________________________________________
    2. _________________________________________________________________________
    3. _________________________________________________________________________
  7. On what date did Frederick Douglass die? __________________________________________
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