George Rogers Clark’s Journey: Information Gathering Worksheet Answer Key

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Using the information about the George Rogers Clark Memorial on the NPS website,, fill in the major events that happened at each mural/location.

Location Events
  • George Rogers Clark was born in Virginia
  • He moved to the Ohio River Valley and was a leader in his area
  • In 1777, he was in command of the Kentucky Militia
  • He led settlers across the Allegheny mountains
  • British made alliances with the Native Americans
  • Clark traveled to Virginia to ask the governor to recruit militia for his cause
  • Clark influenced French settlers and Native Americans to support America’s fight against the British
  • Clark captured Cahokia
The Wabash
  • Ft. Sackville surrendered to the British on December 17, 1778
  • Clark’s ally Vigo told him that the fort had surrendered
  • Clark set out with 170 men to walk 160 miles across Illinois in the winter to take back the fort
  • Clark’s men walked through icy water that at times reached their necks
  • Clark’s men arrived in Vincennes on February 23, 1779
  • Clark attacked the British at Ft. Sackville using many different strategies
  • Hamilton surrendered the fort on February 25
Fort Sackville
  • Official surrender of the fort
  • News of the victory sent thousands of Americans moving West
  • The Americans took possession of more land as a result of Clark’s victory, leading to the creation of the Northwest Territory
  • The Northwest Ordinance was created in 1787 to band the Northwest Territory together
  • Guaranteed rights under the Northwest Ordinance including freedom of religion, due process, habeas corpus, trial by jury, etc.
St. Louis
  • Purchase of the Louisiana Territory on April 30, 1803
  • Louis and Clark started their journey across America
  • William Clark was the younger brother of George Rogers Clark
  • Without George Rogers Clark’s victory, these events would not have been set in motion
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