The First Steps West: Project Options List

All three types of projects focus on these seven milestones from the journey of George Rogers Clark to capture Fort Sackville and help establish the Northwest Territory.

  1. Kentucky: George Rogers Clark commands the Kentucky Militia and leads settlers west.
  2. Cahokia: Clark influences French settlers and Native Americans to support the Revolutionary War and captures Cahokia.
  3. The Wabash: Fort Sackville was taken over by the British and Clark led his men 160 miles to take back the fort.
  4. Vincennes: Clark arrived in Vincennes and attacked the fort using many different strategies.
  5. Fort Sackville: Clark was victorious and the British surrendered the fort and Americans took possession of more land, called the Northwest Territory.
  6. Marietta: The Northwest Ordinance was created, banding together this new territory.
  7. St. Louis: Louisiana Territory was purchased and Lewis and Clark started their exploration; this westward movement was partly due to Clark’s victory and establishment of territory in the west.

Project Descriptions

“Photo” Album

Create a “photo” album that documents all seven of the milestones listed above. Draw the “photos” in color or in pencil and compile them into an album. You may include more than one photo per milestone, but include no more than one photo per page and make each image at least 4 by 6 inches. Under each photo, write several sentences that explain the photo. The photos must be detailed enough to demonstrate that you understand each milestone. In addition to the seven required photos, include a scale map of the route that shows major geographic landmarks.

Movie Script

Write a movie script that includes scenes for each of the seven milestones listed above. On the first page of the script, list all of the characters included in the script and provide a brief description of each character and his or her costume. Begin each scene by describing the setting for the scene. Describe the action throughout the scenes where appropriate and include dialogue for each of the characters in each scene.

Television Newscast

Create a television news item script for each of the seven milestones listed above. Each news item should be about one minute long when read aloud. Include background information in each item so that viewers who have not been following the story can understand its importance. Some newscasts include background images, so include an image that illustrates the action in three of the scripts. Also include a scale map of the route that shows the major geographic landmarks.

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