Coin Collecting Activities and Events

Helping children get started with collecting can be tricky, but keeping them coming back to events can be even more so! Here are some fun ideas to keep young collectors excited about their new hobby. If you’re interested in throwing a coin party, visit the Host a Coin Party page.

And always remember to keep parents and guardians informed about their children’s activities. Help them to be involved, too!

Meeting Activities

Trivia Ice-breaker

Invite the club members to each prepare a few trivia questions. You could start each meeting by having one member read one question to the group. Provide small prizes for the first correct answers.

Guest Collectors

Young collectors can learn from older collectors. Have guests present their collections or speak on a related topic. Beginners may be intimidated by these “pros,” so keep it occasional.

Internal Leadership

Let the members run parts of the meetings or lead discussions so they can gain confidence and stay involved.

Mentoring Program

Work with parents to develop a mentoring program. Pair a newer collector with a more experienced collector to work under supervision on research and projects together.

Themed Meetings

Coin Scavenger Hunt

One way to do a scavenger hunt is to purchase some inexpensive coins (often sold in bulk) and place them in protective coverings. Hide these coins and create clues to their locations. Divide the group into teams and give each team the clues for a different set of coins. The team that finds all its coins first wins. Each member of the winning team could then pick a coin to keep.  Parents and guardians could be a big help here.

International Coin Dinner

If your club specializes in world coins, you could host a dinner with international foods and coins. Club members could display their most interesting foreign coin(s) by continent. Consider giving a prize for the best display from each continent.

Celebrate Error Coins

Kids love it when adults make mistakes. Host an error coin celebration! Invite your coin club members to bring and share any error coins they have to the meeting. Invite some of the more experienced collectors to explain what may have happened for those errors to have occurred. For refreshments, you could serve nearly circular cookies with off-center decorations!

Special Coin Events

Trivia Competition

A “What’s on a coin?” trivia competition (like a spelling bee) could be held among your members or even between your club and another in the area. You could create the battery of questions for the competitors. You might want to publicize the event and see if a local coin shop or two would sponsor the prizes.

Coin Swap

Organize a “Coin Swap” to help kids explore new coins as they are released and build their collections. They can bring their duplicate coins to trade for others. In a large group, post signs to help direct the young collectors to coin types.


Coin Conventions

Work with parents and guardians to arrange for your group to attend local and national coin conventions. Think about encouraging your young collectors to create exhibits for these conventions and to examine the displays of other children while they’re there. At your following meeting, discuss what good ideas the children noted in the other displays.


What resources are available to help children learn about coin collecting? It may be helpful to hold one of your meetings the local library and explore how to find and use its resources.