Coin Combination Riddles

Can you solve these coin combination riddles? The answer to each question is a specific combination of coins using nickels, pennies, quarters, and dimes. Recommended for 2nd to 4th grades.

1. I am 3 coins. I have only 1 president. I am worth less than $0.30 and more than $0.03. What coin combo am I?
2. I am 2 coins and I equal $0.10. What coin combo am I?
3. I am 4 coins and I have 3 different presidents. I am worth $0.50. What coin combo am I?
4. I am 3 coins and worth less than $0.10. I have 2 presidents. What coin combo am I?
5. I am seven coins and I am worth $1.01. I have at least one of each penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.