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The Jackie Robinson Commemorative Coin Set.

The Jackie Robinson Coins.


Authorized Mintage
Not more than 100,000 gold five dollar coins and not more than 200,000 silver dollar coins.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the coins were paid to the Jackie Robinson Foundation to support educational and leadership programs and scholarships.

Gold five dollar obverse: Depicts Robinson in his later years as a civil rights leader and political activist.

Gold five dollar reverse design: A baseball design, with the years of Robinson's life, 1919-1972, and the inscription, "Legacy of Courage," in the center.

Silver dollar obverse design: Depicts Robinson stealing home plate, as he did during a 1955 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Silver dollar reverse design: Features the Jackie Robinson Foundation's 50th anniversary logo of Robinson's breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball, surrounded by inscriptions highlighting two of Robinson's other achievements: "Rookie of the Year 1947," and "Hall of Fame 1962." An identical 50th anniversary commemorative patch was also worn by all Major League Baseball players during the 1997 season.

Coins were available for sale between August 16, 1997 and August 16, 1998.

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