Mutilated Coin Redemption Program – Third Party/Broker

For applicants who state they obtained mutilated coins from a third party/broker, follow the instructions below. You may also return to the Chain of Custody section for more instructions.

  • Please provide the total number of individuals or companies that have provided mutilated coins to you (as part of coins you plan to submit to the U.S. Mint).
  • For each individual or company, please provide:
    • Name of individual or company
    • Address of individual or company
    • Point of contact and phone number for each
    • Total amount of mutilated coins they have submitted to you (denomination and weight)
    • How often you receive mutilated coins from the individuals or company
  • If you used an agent/representative between you and the individuals or companies listed above, please provide the name, address and phone number for each agent.
  • What steps have you (or your organization) taken to ensure the mutilated coins you have obtained are genuine U.S. coins?
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