Putting a Face to Words – Graphics and Design at the United States Mint

By Sharon McPike
March 11, 2015

From left to right: Benjamin Dunlap, Lynn Hayes, Brian Putman, Gisela Moore and Shirl Nevas.
From left to right: Benjamin Dunlap, Lynn Hayes, Brian Putman, Gisela Moore and Shirl Nevas.

Do you ever wonder where those gleaming images and illustrations of U.S. coins and medals you see in Mint brochures, on the Internet and other places come from? You might be surprised to know that more often than not, they’re created in the Graphics and Design Branch of the Sales and Marketing Department at our Headquarters facility in Washington, D.C.

The Branch, part of the Product Development and Program Management Division, provides Mint-wide graphics support and printing services for headquarters and all field facilities. The in-house state-of-the-art digitized graphics design team plans, develops and directs the front-to-end production of print materials and visual presentations showcasing the Mint’s brand identity for our customers. Its five team members manage an average of 600 projects every year from conceptual design and production to final hard-copy printing and digital publication.

The vast majority of the Graphics Branch’s work ends up in the hands of Mint customers. The bulk of its work includes direct mail pieces, commemorative program brochures, season and gift catalogs and point-of-sales promotional materials, as well as signage and posters for trade shows and conventions. They also produce product packaging, sleeves, cartons, envelopes, booklets, brochures and certificates of authenticity the Mint’s visual “bread and butter,” so to speak.

In addition, the Branch provides the Office of Corporate Communications with the coin blowups, promotional flyers and handouts, signage and posters for product launches, social media promotions and other events. The Graphics and Design Branch also assists this office with the layout and printing of the InfoMint, the bi-monthly employee newsletter. The America the Beautiful educational packets distributed to grateful teachers across the country are also designed and produced by this versatile team.

The Branch supports the Director’s Office with the design and production of annual reports, briefing books and conference materials. The Workforce Solution Department’s Rittenhouse Award Program, EEO Special Emphasis internal programs, training materials and other employee-related materials are also designed and produced by the Graphics and Design Branch.

Creating great visual products is not all that the Graphics and Design Branch does. It is also the official library of all Mint images of coins, medals and products. The Branch is also responsible for the Visual Identity Guidelines (VIG) for the Mint’s brand standards, and reviews visual print materials to insure the brand’s integrity is maintained.

“We put a face to words,” says Creative Director Shirl Nevas, who has overseen the Graphics Branch for 16 years, “The Graphics and Design Branch is proud to serve the United States Mint by creating visual products that compliment and showcase the beauty of our coins.”

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