Caring for Your Coin Collection

Do you have a coin collection or are you interested in starting one? Read our tips on organizing, handling, and storing your coin collection.

Getting Started

Caring For Your Coin Collection kids site gloves storage cloth magnifying glassHere are some tools to help you care for your coin collection:

  • Magnifying glass for coin inspection
  • Soft cotton gloves
  • Towel, padded tray, or soft cloth to set coins on when viewing
  • Good lighting
  • Coin envelopes, holders, or albums for storing coins

Handling Your Coin Collection

Susan B Anthony dollar coin Caring For Your Coin Collection kids page handling a coin

  • Hold a coin by its edges with your thumb and index finger. Hold it over a soft towel or soft surface in case you drop it.
  • Wear soft cotton gloves to protect the coin from fingerprints and natural oils on your skin. The oils can damage the coin.
  • Think twice before polishing your coins. Cleaning or polishing your coins can damage the coin’s surface and reduce the value. If you do clean a coin, use mild soap and water. Pat it dry with a soft towel.

Storing Your Coin Collection

Caring For Your Coin Collection kids site storage cloth magnifying glass

  • Keep coins cool and dry. Sharp changes in temperature and moisture can damage the coins.
  • Use the original coin holders or cases. Avoid soft plastic holders that contain a chemical called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC can coat a coin in sticky green slime.
  • Save important documents that came with the coin. This can include a certificate authenticity and information cards.
  • Store the coins in a safe place.