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Don’t Be Scared of Math!

Find activities, games, and lesson plans to help students fearlessly take on math this month.

Monthly Mint Trivia: In what year did George Washington first appear on an American coin? (Hint: check out the history timeline on the U.S. Mint Coin Classroom.)

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Coins and Math

quarter and math symbols, lessons that make cents featureUse coins to teach students computational fluency, positive and negative numbers, decimals, fractions, probability, and more! The Mint offers games, activities, and lessons that allow students to bring math concepts to life with coins in their hands.

Lesson Plans:

  • An Introduction to Coins: Using real or paper coins, students will discuss what they know about coins, coin values, and place their coins in value order.
  • Great Coin Graph: Students will compare sets of coins and determine which group is greater than, less than, or equal to the other according to the number and value of each set. Students will create and interpret a simple bar graph to answer questions.
  • Making Cents: Students will play a coin combination game to practice counting and adding with coins.



  • Coin Flip: Flip digital coins and tracking the results to learn probability.
  • Counting With Coins: Use coin combinations to purchase supplies for a trip
  • Math Jam: Beat the clock and score points with math skills in this basketball-themed game.

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American Innovation $1 Coin - Virginia reverse and obverse

Coin of the Month: 2021 American Innovation $1 Coin – Virginia

The American Innovation $1 Coin representing Virginia recognizes the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Opened in 1964, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel connects Southeastern Virginia to the entire Delmarva Peninsula. Spanning more than 17 miles, the bridge tunnel complex consists of 12 miles of low-level trestle, two one-mile-long tunnels, two bridges, two miles of causeway, and four man-made islands. The unique structure is considered the world’s largest bridge-tunnel complex and was designated one of seven engineering wonders of the modern world.

The reverse (tails) design depicts a view of the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel as a cross section cut away, illustrating the ingenuity involved in constructing it.

Coin Combo Riddles

coin combination riddles feature

Solve riddles using a combination of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Counting With Coins

counting with coins game feature

Practice using coins as you prepare for a camping trip in this free online game.

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Happy World Teacher Day! Email us to request coloring books, stickers or pencils for your class.

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Trivia Answer: George Washington first appeared on a U.S. coin in 1899 on the Lafayette Dollar commemorative coin.