Lessons That Make Cents September 2021

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Monthly Mint Trivia: How many years do coins last in circulation? (Hint: check out the Life of a Coin section of the Coin Classroom.)

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U.S. Mint Coin Classroom logoLearn about the U.S. Mint, coins, coin production, and collecting with new content on the U.S. Mint Coin Classroom. The site also features a new section for educational materials, which contains activities, lesson plans, and resources organized by grade.


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American Innovation $1 Coin - North Carolina reverse and obverse

Coin of the Month: 2021 American Innovation $1 Coin – North Carolina

The American Innovation $1 Coin representing North Carolina recognizes the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the first public institution of higher learning in the United States. Opened in 1795, it is the only public institution to confer degrees in the 18th century.

The reverse (tails) design features a stack of three textbooks with “FIRST PUBLIC UNIVERSITY” on the spine of the middle book. A lamp of knowledge is perched atop the books and olive branches curve around the edge of the design.

New At-Home Coin Activities

coin activities icons

Check out new math, science, and history coin activities to do at home or with an existing lesson.

Play Battle of the Coins

battle of coins lesson game cards

In this lesson, students will investigate coins and play a game to compare them.

New Coin Coloring Book

coin coloring book with colored pencils

Request the latest coin coloring book digitally or in hard-copy by emailing us.

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Trivia Answer: On average, coins last 30 years in circulation.