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Summer Games

Start summer fun with coin games on the U.S. Mint Coin Classroom.

Monthly Mint Trivia: In 1792, Congress authorized the Mint to make America’s first national coinage. What was the largest denomination authorized? (Hint: Check out the History of the U.S. Mint.)

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Learn With Coins

decorative icons for gamesThe U.S. Mint Coin Classroom offers fun kids games that can be played for individual enrichment or as part of a lesson plan. Get students excited about coins through these free, online games, including some of our most popular like Coin Stamper, Gold Rush, and Fort Knox Frenzy!

U.S. Mint Coin Classroom Content (Grades K-6)

  • Making Change (Art – K-5): Design your own coin while learning about the different parts of a coin.
  • Counting With Coins (Math – Grades K-2): Practice basic math concepts and coin identification in a fun grocery store setting.
  • Coin Memory Match (Math – Grades K-2): Match the coin designs of the America the Beautiful QuartersTM program.
  • Coin Flip (Math – Grades 3-12): Unlock new coins and learn about percentages and probability.
  • Word Quest (ELA – Grades 3-12): Search for key coin terms in eight different online word search puzzles.
  • Space Supply (Science – Grades 3-12): Deliver critical supplies to space colonies across our solar system.
  • Map Mania (Social Studies – Grades 2-8): Race across the U.S. by identifying the 50 states, capitals, and state trivia.
  • Gold Rush (Social Studies – Grades 2-12): Pan for gold while learning facts about the Gold Rush and the San Francisco Mint.
  • Hoop and Darts (Social Studies – Grades 3-12): Throw darts at a hoop and learn about Native American traditions.
  • Peter the Eagle’s Coin Drop (Social Studies – Grades K-5): Deliver liberty loans by flying a WWI-era plane in a fun flying game
  • Textile Tales (Social Studies – Grades 4-12): Explore the Industrial Revolution in this Choose Your Own Adventure game.
  • Plinky’s Presidential Challenge (Social Studies – Grades 5-12): Learn the order of the U.S. presidents in a fun trivia game.
  • Math Jam (Math – Grades 2-5): Practice addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication as you score points in this fun basketball themed game.
  • Fort Knox Frenzy (Adventure – Grades K-6): Protect the gold at Fort Knox and stop the Golden Bandit in this adventure game.
  • G.W. Quarter’s Jigsaw Puzzles (Art – Grades K-6): Race the clock to complete coin-themed puzzles.

Want more ideas? Reach out to education.outreach@usmint.treas.gov for recommendations on lesson plans and activities for your students.

Coin of the Month: Nina Otero-Warren Quarter

2022 American Women Quarters Coin Nina Otero-Warren Uncirculated ReverseThe Nina Otero-Warren Quarter is the fourth coin in the American Women Quarters™ Program. Nina Otero-Warren was a leader in New Mexico’s suffrage movement and the first female superintendent of Santa Fe public schools.

Otero-Warren strove to improve education for all New Mexicans and worked to advance bicultural education and to preserve cultural practices among the state’s Hispanic and Native American communities. In 1921, she became the first Hispanic woman to run for Congress.

This quarter’s reverse (tails) features an image of Nina Otero-Warren on the left, flanked by three individual Yucca flowers – New Mexico’s state flower.

Women on Coins Video

Watch this video to learn the history of women on U.S. coins.

Coin Glossary

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Learn coin-specific terminology like clad, planchet, and hub.

Mint Minute Video

Get a quick overview of the Mint and its history in this short video.

We Want to Hear from You!

coin coloring book pagesAre you interested in incorporating coins into your classroom next year, but aren’t sure where to start? Let us help you! The U.S. Mint offers K-6 lesson plans, online educational games, videos, online quizzes, a free Coin Coloring Book, and other resources. Reach out to us at education.outreach@usmint.treas.gov to request resources that fit your education needs.

Trivia Answer: The largest denomination authorized in 1792 was the Eagle, or $10 coin.