Coin Scavenger Hunt

kids coin scavenger hunt activity materials

Go on a scavenger hunt for coins!

Grades: Kindergarten and up

Materials: the Coin Scavenger Hunt worksheet (PDF), different types of coins around the house or on the Coin Classroom and U.S. Mint websites

Time: 30 to 60 minutes

Using coins you find around your house or on our website, see if you can find the following coins:

  • A coin that features a U.S. president
  • A coin that shows an animal
  • A coin that shows a building
  • A coin that was made the year you were born
  • A coin from the U.S. state or territory where you currently live
  • A coin that features a national park or historical site
  • A coin that shows a flag
  • A coin that has either a “D” or “P” mint mark
  • A coin that shows a plant
  • A coin that lists two (2) different years (example: 1776-1976)
  • A coin that was made this year

Additional Questions

  • What is the oldest coin you can find?
  • Which coin is the most unique? Why?
  • Which design is your favorite? Why?