Coin Sun Prints

coin sun prints activity materials

Learn about the sun’s energy and how you can use it to turn coins and construction paper into a beautiful sun print!

Grades: Kindergarten and up

Materials: Red or black construction paper OR light-sensitive paper (available at hobby or art stores), white crayon or a piece of chalk, 5 to 15 coins, sunshine

Time: 30 to 45 minutes

Did you know the sun is an energy source? It can cook food, warm our bodies, and help plants grow. This activity is going to help us see the sun’s energy in action!

When sunlight interacts with light sensitive or construction paper, the sun’s energy causes the color of the paper to fade. If you place objects such as coins on the paper, silhouettes appear where the sunlight was blocked. If you place the coins in a pattern, you’ll end up with a unique piece of art.


  1. Gather your materials: a piece of construction paper (or light-sensitive paper) and some coins.
  2. Go outside in the sunshine and place your piece of paper on the ground where it won’t have to be moved.
  3. Make a design by placing coins on paper. Remember to keep the papers in a safe place or keep an eye on them since they have coins on them!
  4. After the designs are in the sun for a long enough time (at least 30 minutes), bring your papers in and remove the coins.
  5. Answer the following questions:
    • What do you see?
    • How the pattern was created on the paper?