Odd Is In

hand counting pennies

Practice counting and number sense strategy with this simple game!

Grades: Kindergarten and up

Materials: 15 pennies (or other coins), partner or group

Time: 20 minutes


Find a friend and collect 15 pennies to play Odd Is In. Here are the game rules:

  • The players set out all 15 pennies between them.
  • The first player chooses to pick up either one, two, or three coins.
  • The second player does the same.
  • The players keep taking turns picking up coins until none is left.
  • Each player counts how many cents they have. Whoever has the odd number wins!

Repeat playing the game about 10 times. What strategies did you use to win the game?

Try adding more pennies or even adding different coins to your pile. How did your strategies change?