FOIA Log FY 2017 Quarter 2: United States Mint

January 1, 2017 to March 31, 2017

Requestor Organization Request # Short Description Request Type
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2017-01-011 Schedule of Custodial Gold and Silver Reserves FOIA
[redacted] N/A 2017-01-003 All documents and or emails referencing [redacted] (former Mint employee) Privacy Act/FOIA
Nieuwenhuijs, Jan Private Citizen 2016-12-135 Information regarding the gold bar (melt) list FOIA
Greenewald, John The Black Vault 2017-01-035 FOIA Case Log for calendar year 2016 FOIA
Troutman, Karen Dewey Publications, Inc. 2017-01-077 Name, title, email address and mailing address of various positions within the Mint. FOIA
[redacted] Self 2017-01-097 Order History Request FOIA
Minnis, William N/A 2017-01-120 Information on the number and value of pennies and quarter dollars recycled in 2015 FOIA
Kee, Joop N/A 2017-01-146 Photo of uncirculated 1957 P and D coin set FOIA
[redacted] Self 2017-01-178 Information on interview panel FOIA
[redacted] Self 2017-01-183 Cash awards $1,000 or greater from 10/1/10 to 1/20/17 for Mint employees FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2016-12-026 A copy of the inventory of the Fort Knox Museum. FOIA
Nieuwenhuijs, Jan N/A 2017-02-049 Physical audits of US gold reserves FOIA
[redacted] N/A 2017-02-028 Attorney [redacted] FOIA
Gilkes, Paul Coin World 2017-02-093 Info on silver American Eagle bullion coins struck dated 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 FOIA
Sandler, Paul NGC 2017-02-092 Information regarding the 2015, 2016, and 2017 bullion American Silver Eagles FOIA
[redacted] US Army Retired 2017-02-125 Records regarding vacancy announcements (17-Mint-3-P and 17-Mint-4) FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2017-02-192 Copies of Mint employee-only INTRANET site documents FOIA
Best, Michael MuckRock 2017-02-237 Complaints rcvd since 2010 regarding coin designs, U.S. coins and all other currency related matters FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2017-02-279 Copies of FOIA request letters FOIA
Cartagena, Rosa Washingtonian Magazine 2017-03-016 Information regarding the location of Mint Police FOIA
Greenewald, John The Black Vault 2017-02-044 All complaints the US Mint has received about coins, coinage, and US coin designs FOIA
Gajria, Shaan Democratic Senatorial Campaign Comittee 2017-03-176 Copies of any FOIA requests & responsive material filed Jan 2011 to present regarding Elizabeth Warren & staff FOIA
[redacted] N/A 2017-02-244 Information regarding vacancy announcement 16-MINT-228. FOIA
Nieuwenhuijs, Jan Private Citizen 2017-03-005 The full documentation of Policy FIN-08, Policy FIN-09, Policy Fin-10, Policy FIN-11 and MD 8H-3 FOIA
Granitz, Timothy Mahany Law 2017-03-191 Various contracts with Garda FOIA
Granitz, Timothy Mahany Law 2017-03-212 A listing of the specified contracts and the contract amounts FOIA
Santos, Rose FOIA GROUP INC 2017-02-185 Copy of the Awarded BPA, SOW/PWS, all modification, any attachments to TMHQ16C0006 FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2017-03-219 Correspondence between BEP and GAO during 2016 and 2017 FOIA

[redacted] indicates removal of personally identifiable information.

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