Director Mary Brooks’ Statement Regarding the Transfer of the Old Mint at San Francisco

March 23, 1972

Director Mary Brooks' statement regarding the transfer of the San Francisco Old Mint to the Bureau of the Mint. Full text is duplicated in the body of this page.

Mrs. Brooks Statement:

I have never been so thrilled and I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility and satisfaction that we have finally come home again to the Old Mint.

The fact that our services have grown so phenomenally makes the acquisition of this building important to us from an operational standpoint.

So for the Mint the transfer is a sound decision but it is also an opportunity to contribute to the history of this country and make a substantial contribution to our Western heritage by rehabilitating this national landmark.

The fact that I am a Westerner and went to school in Oakland makes me doubly sensitive to the love and affection that the people of California hold for this marvelous old building.

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