1998 Silver Proof Set Available From the Mint

May 26, 1998
Premier Edition is Last of Series ’98 Silver Sets Are Last to Carry Heraldic Eagle Reverse for Next Decade

Washington, D.C. — The 1998 Silver Proof Set goes on sale June 12, featuring the final edition of the deluxe Premier Silver Proof Set, the U.S. Mint announced today. Both the 1998 Premier Set and the regular 1998 Silver Proof Set contain the last heraldic eagle reverse silver quarters that will be minted until at least 2009, when the 50 States Circulating Commemorative Program is scheduled to conclude.

“With the onset of the 50 States Commemorative Coin Program next year, and the new dollar coin in the year 2000, the Silver Proof Set will become a nine–coin, and then a ten–coin set,” said Mint Director Philip N. Diehl. “Since we’ll be offering collectors new products incorporating these new coins, we feel our most logical option, to simplify choices for the collector, is to discontinue the Premier Set.”

Both the Premier Set and the regular Silver Proof Set contain the same circulating coins as the Proof Coin Set, except that the dime, quarter and half dollar are made of coin silver – the 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper alloy that was the standard for American silver coinage from 1837 through 1964. Each coin has been struck at least twice – to bring out the sculpted depth of the design, and to ensure both the highly reflective mirror finish and corresponding satin–tone detail. All five coins bear the “S” Mint mark of the San Francisco Mint.

The Silver Proof Set, packaged in a distinctive black presentation box, is $18 during the introductory discount period through August 19, and $21 thereafter. The Premier Silver Proof Set, contained in a luxurious, black velvet and white satin–lined case, and enclosed in a black leather–grain box, is $29 through August 19, and $37 thereafter.

To help personalize Silver Proof Sets given as gifts, the Mint again is making an array of gift sleeves available to customers for special occasions. Customer may choose Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays or Happy Anniversary, or a Variety Package including one of each plus It’s A Boy and It’s A Girl. Each set of gift sleeves sells for $2.50.

To order the Silver Proof Set, the Premier Silver Proof Set and special gift sleeves, please call (202) 283–2646 or write Customer Service Center, United States Mint, 10003 Derekwood Lane, Lanham, Maryland, 20706. For more information about our coins, visit our web site at www.usmint.gov.


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