Sacagawea Golden Dollar Coin Available January 27 in Bags and Rolls

January 20, 2000

Washington, D.C., January 20, 2000 — The U.S. Mint today announced that the new Sacagawea Golden Dollar coin will be available in bags of 2,000 coins and rolls of 25 coins beginning January 27.

“We’ve found that many Americans are impatient to get their hands on new coin designs, and don’t care to wait for a them to turn up in pocket change,” said Mint Director Philip N. Diehl. “So we’ve made on–line ordering and direct shipment an affordable option for these customers. We expect demand to be strong, so order early or plan to wait for delivery.”

The same coins that are being shipped this month to the Federal Reserve and Wal–Mart Stores for distribution in commerce will be sold to customers in 2,000–coin bags for $2,190.00 and in 25–coin rolls for $35.50. These coins bear the Philadelphia Mint mark and there is a no order limit. Denver Mint coin sales are expected in early spring.

The Golden Dollar rolls will be shipped by priority mail and the Golden Dollar bags will be shipped by registered mail by the U.S. Postal Service.

Customers may order the Golden Dollar in bags and in rolls via the U.S. Mint secure web server at and pay no additional shipping and handling charges. There are no limits placed on the orders, but depending on order volumes, delivery may be delayed as much as six to eight weeks. Customers who prefer to fax their orders may download an order form from the website and fax it to (301) 344–4150, and customers also may order by telephone by calling 1–800–USA–MINT. (Telephone and fax orders incur an additional shipping and handling fee of $3.95 per order.) However, golden dollar coins are expected to sell quickly so customers are encouraged to order online at

Authorized by the United States Coin Act of 1997, the Golden Dollar will replace the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin. Its most distinctive features include its golden color (a three–layer “clad” system of manganese, brass and copper), wide border, smooth edge, and extraordinary design.

The Golden Dollar can be used immediately in millions of vending machines that currently accept the Susan B. Anthony dollar. Stickers will soon appear on vending machines to alert consumers that the machine accepts the Golden Dollar.

American sculptor Glenna Goodacre designed the obverse (heads) of the Golden Dollar coin, which features the likeness of Sacagawea, the young Shoshone woman who assisted Lewis and Clark on their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase almost 200 years ago. The reverse (tails) of the coin, by U.S. Mint Sculptor/Engraver Thomas D. Rogers, Sr., features a soaring Bald Eagle and 17 stars, representing the 17 states of the Union at the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


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