IHOP Joins Forces With U.S. Mint To Turn Silver Into Gold(en)

April 30, 2001
National Restaurant Chain To Change Name Of Silver Dollar Pancakes and Circulate Six Million Golden Dollar Coins

Washington, DC — IHOP, one of America’s most–loved restaurant chains, announced today that it will break a 40–year tradition for the first time by changing the name of its popular “Silver Dollar Pancakes” to “Golden Dollar Pancakes.”

The change, which will take place on May 1, 2001, celebrates a joint venture between IHOP and the U.S. Mint that will work to put up to six million Golden Dollar coins into circulation over a two month period.

“IHOP Silver Dollar Pancakes have been enjoyed by millions of American’s over the past 40 years,” said Dennis Leifheit, IHOP Corp. chief operating officer. “We are excited to support the U.S. Mint in their efforts to get the sought–after Golden Dollars in our customers hands. The partnership reinforces IHOP’s position as a part of the American culture and as one of the country’s most popular family restaurant chains.”

To celebrate the launch of the joint venture, U.S. Mint Deputy Director John Mitchell joined senior IHOP officials at the Potomac Yard IHOP in Alexandria, Virginia, to flip the first “Golden Dollar Pancake.” More than 30 fifth–grade students from Charles Barrett Elementary School attended this event, enjoying a Golden Dollar pancake breakfast and learning how a Golden Dollar coin is produced.

“This is a really exciting promotion — we hope the Golden Dollar Pancakes will become the new American classic. We are very grateful to IHOP for partnering with us, not only to help circulate the Golden Dollar coins, but also to make these events educational for local youngsters, and to bring smiles to the faces of everyone who will now be enjoying the Golden Dollar pancakes,” said Deputy Director Mitchell.

IHOP Golden Dollar events will also be held during the first two weeks of May in Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles to announce this partnership. These events will include opportunities for elementary students from local schools to meet U.S. Mint officials and participate in a Golden Dollar Pancake Breakfast. IHOP will donate $500 to each elementary school attending the breakfasts.

In support of its partnership with the U.S. Mint, IHOP also launched a new advertising campaign today. As advertised in the new commercials, IHOP’s Golden Dollar campaign will feature a sweepstakes promotion beginning May 1 in which IHOP will award $10,000 Golden Dollars to the winner.

In addition to the IHOP Golden Dollar partnership, the U.S. Mint has formed successful partnerships with a host of banks, retailers and other corporations numbering over 750 businesses in 230,000 locations to remind consumers the Golden Dollar is not only a beautiful collectable, but also everyday currency meant to be used. In February 2001, Safeway, one of the largest grocery chains, announced its commitment to order and distribute Golden Dollar coins.

About The Golden Dollar

To ensure the coin’s success and as mandated by Congress, the United States Mint has been educating businesses and consumers about the Golden Dollar. The U.S. Mint was authorized to produce the new dollar coin by the United States Dollar Coin Act of 1997. Since the coin’s release in January 2000, over 700 million Golden Dollars have been put into circulation, more than 10 times the 60 million Susan B. Anthony dollar coins in 1999. Dollar coins have gained popularity in recent years because of their expanded use for purchases in post offices, subways, buses and other coin–operated outlets. Visit the U.S. Mint’s Web site for more information about the Golden Dollar at www.usmint.gov.


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