U.S. Mint Partners With Paramount’s Kings Dominion to Increase Use of Golden Dollars

July 5, 2001
First Amusement Park to Partner with Mint to Dispense Coin

Doswell, Virginia — The U.S. Mint announced today that Paramount’s Kings Dominion, a 400–acre amusement park north of Richmond, Virginia, is now routinely circulating Golden Dollar coins at the park during its 2001 season. This is the Mint’s first partnership with an amusement park and is part of a larger effort to increase the awareness and circulation of the Golden Dollar coin.

Paramount’s Kings Dominion has committed to dispensing Golden Dollars as change from its front entrance ticket offices and parking lot tolls. Paramount’s Kings Dominion also has made sure that the Golden Dollar can be used in the vending machines throughout the park and in other normal cash transactions. Furthermore, a variety of games such as The Golden Dollar Coin Toss will provide guests the opportunity to use the coin.

“The U.S. Mint is excited about partnering with Paramount’s Kings Dominion to help encourage the use of the Golden Dollar. Paramount’s Kings Dominion is an excellent place to use Golden Dollars because of all the small cash transactions that occur frequently in the park. This partnership is a great way to help put the coins into the hands of the public,” said Jay Johnson, Director of the U.S. Mint.

“Paramount’s Kings Dominion has welcomed millions of guests over the past 26 years. Because we are such a popular destination, we are confident the U.S. Mint will be very pleased with our ability to help circulate the much–sought–after Golden Dollar coin,” said Richard Zimmerman, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Paramount’s Kings Dominion.

In addition to Paramount’s Kings Dominion, the U.S. Mint has formed successful partnerships with banks, retailers and other corporations to remind consumers that the Golden Dollar is not only an attractive coin, but also an everyday form of currency meant to be used. Other partners include Allfirst Bank, IHOP, Safeway, SFX, The Trenton Thunder Baseball Club, and other minor league baseball teams.

About Paramount Parks

Paramount’s Kings Dominion is owned and operated by Paramount Parks. Paramount Parks, a unit of Viacom Inc., is a leading developer and operator of regional theme parks and location–based entertainment attractions. The company currently manages: Paramount’s Kings Island (Cincinnati, Ohio); Paramount’s Kings Dominion (Richmond, Virginia); Paramount’s Great America (Santa Clara, California); Paramount’s Carowinds (Charlotte, North Carolina.); Paramount Canada’s Wonderland (Toronto, Ontario, Canada); and Star Trek: The Experience™ at the Las Vegas Hilton (Las Vegas, Nevada).

About the Golden Dollar

To ensure the coin’s success and as mandated by Congress, the U.S. Mint has been educating businesses and consumers about the Golden Dollar. The U.S. Mint was authorized to produce the new dollar coin by the United States Dollar Coin Act of 1997. Since January 2000, the U.S. Mint has minted over 1 billion Golden Dollars, with more than 800 million Golden Dollars already in circulation (more than 10 times the 60 million Susan B. Anthony dollar coins circulated in 1999). Dollar coins have gained popularity in recent years due to their expanded use for purchases in post offices, subways, buses and other coin–operated outlets. Visit the Mint’s Web site for more information about the Golden Dollar at www.usmint.gov.


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