Newly–Established Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee Welcomes Members

May 16, 2003

WASHINGTON — The United States Mint is pleased to announce that Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snow has appointed eight members to the new Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC): Dr. Ute Wartenberg, Ms. Connie Matsui, Ms. Connie Harriman, Mr. David Enders Tripp, Mr. Daniel Altshuler, Mr. Richard W. Bratton, Mr. Thomas W. Noe and Mr. Leon G. Billings.

On April 23, President Bush signed into law the “American 5 — Cent Coin Design Continuity Act of 2003” (Public Law 108–15), which established the CCAC, composed of 11 members: one qualified in numismatic collection and curation; one qualified in the medallic arts or sculpture; one qualified in American history; one qualified in numismatics; three representing the interests of the general public, and; four individuals recommended by the leadership of both the House and Senate.

“I congratulate the new members, and welcome them to the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee,” said United States Mint Director Henrietta Holsman Fore. “I am confident that their expertise and experience will result in memorable coin designs that capture the vitality and cultural diversity of our Nation.”

Dr. Ute Wartenberg is Executive Director of the American Numismatic Society in New York. Previously, she worked as Assistant Keeper in the British Museum.

Mr. David Enders Tripp of Stuyvesant, New York, a classical archeologist, art historian, writer and cartoonist, will bring to the CCAC his qualifications as a member of the numismatic community. Mr. Tripp has spent more than 30 years as a professional numismatist.

Mr. Daniel Altshuler of Gloucester, Massachusetts, is specially qualified in medallic arts or sculpture. Currently, Mr. Altshuler’s numismatic commemorative works include Henry David Thoreau and Paul Revere. He worked with Walker Hancock, sculptor for 13 years. Mr. Hancock made presidential busts in the Capital and statuary throughout Washington.

Ms. Constance B. Harriman of Los Angeles and Washington, and Ms. Connie Matsui of San Diego, California will serve as two of the Committee’s three members who represent the interest of the general public. Ms. Harriman has extensive legal, public policy and management experience in the federal government, working with Congress, media and special interest groups. Ms. Matsui is a senior vice president with IDEC Pharmaceuticals and served as national president of the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Mr. Thomas W. Noe of Maumee, Ohio was recommended by Speaker Hastert of the United States House of Representatives. Mr. Thomas W. Noe is the founder and president of Vintage Coins and Collectibles, and served as the Chairman of the Ohio Commemorative Quarter Committee.

Mr. Richard W. Bratton of Gillette, Wyoming was recommended by United States Senate Majority Leader Frist for his enthusiasm and understanding of the importance of using our Nation’s currency to celebrate the people, places and events that make America a rich and diverse Nation. He is a former committee member of the Wyoming Heritage Foundation.

Mr. Leon G. Billings of Kensington, Maryland was recommended by United States Senate Minority Leader Daschle. Mr. Billings served 12 years in the Maryland State Legislature, and is president of Leon G. Billings Inc., a consulting firm.

The CCAC advises the Secretary of the Treasury on themes and design proposals relating to circulating coinage, bullion coinage, commemorative coins and medals. The CCAC also makes commemorative coin recommendations to the Secretary and advises on the events, persons, or places to be commemorated, as well as on the mintage levels and proposed designs. The CCAC submits an annual report to Congress and the Secretary describing its activities and providing recommendations.

The Committee is subject to the authority of the Secretary of the Treasury. The United States Mint is responsible for providing the necessary administrative support, technical services, and advice to the Committee. Committee members are not paid for their time or services but, consistent with federal travel regulations, members are reimbursed for their travel and lodging expenses to attend a minimum of two meetings each year.

The United States Mint is accepting applications for membership to the CCAC for two positions — a member who will represent the general public and a member specially qualified in American history. The application deadline is May 23, 2003.

Any member of the public wishing to be considered for membership on the CCAC should submit a resume, or letter describing qualifications for membership, by fax to 202–756–6539, or by mail to the United States Mint, 801 Ninth St., N.W., Washington, D.C., 20001, Attn: CCAC Membership. Submissions must be postmarked no later than May 23, 2003.


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