Survey Finds United States Mint Is Top Federal Agency For Service

December 15, 2003
Mint Picks Up 5 Points to Get Highest Score Ever by any Federal Agency on American Customer Satisfaction Index

Washington — The United States Mint registered the highest score of all Federal agencies in the University of Michigan Business School’s 2003 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

The United States Mint gained five points in 2003, receiving an all time high score of 89 (on a 0–100 scale). The ACSI measures over 180 American private corporations and between 60 and 70 government agencies annually.

When compared to leading companies in the private sector, only H.J. Heinz outscored the United States Mint with a total of 90 points. 2003 marks the eighth year that the United States Mint has ranked among the leaders in both the government and the private sector.

“The United States Mint has enormously loyal and demanding customers with high expectations about the products they purchase from the Mint. We aim to meet that high standard everyday with exceptional products, quality, and service,” said United States Mint Director Henrietta Holsman Fore.

“The numismatic and commemorative coins operation of the United States Mint has consistently proved to be one of the highest scoring customer segments in the Federal government, and in 2003 has a satisfaction score statistically equal to the best performing private sector manufacturers measured in the ACSI,” said David VanAmburg, the managing director of the ACSI. “Clearly, the United States Mint has a well–demonstrated reputation for delivering high quality products and services.”

The United States Mint contributed $585 million to the United States Treasury in for fiscal year 2003.

Created by Congress in 1792, the United States Mint is the manufacturer of legal tender coinage for the Nation, the circulating coins in Americans’ pockets. The United States Mint also produces and sells proof, uncirculated, and precious metal coins — along with commemorative coins and medals — to collectors, investors and the general public.

“This year we focused on the very highest quality of our products, introducing new products, and the total satisfaction of our customers, from the moment they give us a call or enter our website to the moment our products appear at their doors. We answer customer calls more quickly, we deliver our products faster and we make sure those products are the highest quality — Mint quality,” added Director Fore. “Exceptional service and quality earn the loyalty and trust of our customers.”

The United States Mint improved its scores from the previous year in all measured areas of the ACSI, achieving an increase of five points in customer loyalty for a score of 92. The ACSI estimates the United States Mint’s customer retention rate at 88%, a one–point increase. Customer expectations of Mint products increased by one–point for a score of 93, and perceived quality of products increased by two points for a score of 94. Customers’ perceived value of United States Mint products increased by two points to 88.

The United States Mint marked a milestone in 2003 by reaching the halfway point of its popular 50 State Quarters Program. It is estimated that 130 million Americans collect the coins in the 50 State Quarters Program, the most successful coin program in United States history. The 2003 quarters were featured in uncirculated, proof and silver proof sets. Information about genuine United States Mint products is available online at, or by calling 1–800–USA–MINT.

The United States Mint attracted national attention on November 6, 2003, when Director Fore unveiled two new designs for the 2004–dated Jefferson 5–cent piece (nickel). The new designs mark the first time the nickel has changed in 65 years. The new nickels will be the first in the United States Mint’s Westward Journey Nickel Series, commemorating the bicentennials of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition.

The United States Mint also launched its call for artists to participate in the new Artistic Infusion Program. The program will provide an opportunity for the Nation’s great artists to infuse their creativity into United States coinage. For more information, please visit

The ACSI is produced through a partnership of the University of Michigan Business School, the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and the international consulting firm, CFI Group. The ACSI is a uniform and independent measure of household consumption, measuring customer loyalty and customer retention, which are known contributors to profitability.


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