2002 Freedom of Information Act Annual Report

FOIA Data Submission Form for Treasury Bureaus

Fiscal Year 2002
(Oct. 1, 2001-Sept. 30, 2002)

  1. and II.- A.  (Not for bureaus.)
  2. B.  Brief Description of your bureau’s response-time ranges.

    The response time for FOIA requests ranged from one day to 15 days.

    C.  Brief description why some requests are not granted.

    The most common reason why requests for records could not be granted were: (1) records requested contain information of a personal privacy nature, pursuant to Title 5, U.S.C., Section 552(b)(6); and (2) records requested were records containing personal information in law enforcement records, Title 5, U.S.C., Section 552(b)(7)(c).

  3. Definition of terms and acronyms used in this report. N/A
  4. Exemption 3 Statutes. N/A
  5. FOIA/PA Access Requests. Include all access requests, whether first-party or third-party.

    A.  Number of initial requests.

    1. Number of requests pending as of end of preceding fiscal year (FY01)13
    2. Number of requests received during current reporting period: 57
    3. Number of requests processed during current reporting period: 66
    4. Number of requests pending at the end of current reporting period: 4

    B.  Disposition of initial requests.

    1. Number of total grants: 28
    2. Number of partial grants: 17
    3. Number of denials: 1

      a. Number of times each FOIA exemption used (counting each exemption once per request):

      (b)(1) __ (b)(6) 10 (b)(7)(E) __
      (b)(2) 5 (b)(7)(A) 1 (b)(7)(F) __
      (b)(3) __ (b)(7)(B) __ (b)(8) __
      (b)(4) 11 (b)(7)(C) 1 (b)(9) __
      (b)(5) 4 (b)(7)(D) __  
    4. Other reasons for nondisclosure (total): 20

      1. no records 6 (no records found that were responsive to the request)
      2. referrals __ (a request forwarded, in total, to another Treasury bureau or another agency for response)
      3. withdrawn 10 (requester withdrew the request)
      4. fee-related 2 (nonpayment of estimated fees, or previously owed fees)
      5. records not reasonably described __ (requests which do not adequately describe the records sought)
      6. not a proper FOIA request for some other reason 2 (for example, requester sought answers to questions)
      7. not an agency record __ (not the type of record maintained by Treasury)
      8. duplicate request __ (more than one request from the same requester which was received by the agency or forwarded from other sources)
      9. other (specify) __ (requests that were not processed for other reasons).
  6. Appeals of initial denials of FOIA/PA requests.

    A.  Number of appeals.

    1. Number of appeals received during the current reporting period: 2
    2. Number of appeals processed (closed) during the current reporting period: 0

    B.  Disposition of appeals. N/A

  7. Compliance with Time Limits/Status of Pending Requests.

    A.  Median time for processing requests.

    1. Simple Requests (report only if multi-track processing is used. If not used, report as “N/A”). N/A

    2. Complex Requests

      a. Number of “complex requests” processed (closed): 66
      b. Median number of days to process “complex requests”: 15

    3. Requests for expedited processing.(Those requests that ask for and are granted approval for expedited treatment.) N/A

    B.  Status of pending requests (bureaus using multiple tracks may provide number for each track, as well as total).

    1. Number of requests pending at end of current reporting period: 4
    2. Median number of days that such requests were pending as of that date: 132
  8. Comparisons with Previous Years. (Not required.)
  9. Costs/FOIA Staffing.
    1. Staffing levels.
      1. Number of full-time FOIA personnel: 1
      2. Number of personnel with part-time or occasional FOIA duties: 0
      3. Total number of personnel (in work-years): 1
    2. Total costs (staff and resources combined).
      1. FOIA processing (including appeals): $78,876
      2. Litigation-related activities (estimated): $0
      3. Total Costs: $78,876
      4. Comparison with previous years. (Not required).
    3. Statement of additional resources needed for FOIA compliance (Optional).

      Additional resources are needed from the Mint’s Office of the Chief Information Officer in order to comply with E-FOIA mandates.

  10. Fees.

    A.  Total fees collected FY 2002: $906
    B.  Percentage of total costs: 1.15%

  11. FOIA Regulations. (Not for bureaus.)
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