Robert J. Clarke

Artistic Infusion Program Designer

AIP artist Robert Clarke
U.S. Mint seal

“I view my membership in the AIP as an honor, and as a way to demonstrate my deep respect for the history-makers of our country in helping to tell their stories.”

Robert J. Clarke holds a B.S. in Art Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, as well as a Master’s of Fine Arts in painting and printmaking from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has taught painting and illustration at the college level, and both created and taught general art curriculum for middle school students.

Robert has shown his paintings, drawings, and photographs extensively in solo as well as group exhibitions. His work is included in many private and public collections, including the permanent collections of both of his alma maters.

Following his years as a professional fine artist, Robert began his career as a freelance illustrator working in both traditional media and digitally. His work has been used nationally by clients ranging from ABC to Rolling Stone Magazine to Xerox Corporation. Robert’s illustrations include print editorial work, covers for paperback books and record albums, network television ads, movie posters, and marketing materials.

As a portrait specialist, Robert’s portraits of well-known figures have been used commercially, while privately commissioned portraits are included in private family collections. Special memorial portraits are on permanent display in buildings of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus.

Robert’s home and studio are located in Upstate New York.

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