4th to 6th Grade Coin Learning Materials

These articles, activities, and games for fourth to sixth grade children apply math concepts like probability and exponential growth as well as explore how coins are made and the history of the U.S. Mint. These resources are organized into two main topics: Math and Coins and the Mint.

Wherever possible, the resources align to educational standards, including Common Core. If you’re looking for something specific, email us!


Lesson Plans

Activities and Games

Try these at-home learning resources to explore math concepts with coins.

Coins and the Mint


Lesson Plans

  • Coin Program Poetry:┬áStudents discuss and research an individual or event from a coin program. They then use the information to write acrostic poems, creating stand-up accordion books to display the poems.


Articles on the U.S. Mint website provide information about how coins are made and U.S. Mint history.

  • Coin Production – Learn how the Mint makes coins in our facilities around the country.
  • Coin Design – Meet the artists who design our coins and learn how coin are designed and selected.
  • Coin Circulation – Discover how coins enter circulation to reach your hands.
  • History – Explore the Mint’s long history and its connections to the founding of the United States.


Explore specific coin programs at home or during independent learning time with these games.