James Madison Presidential $1 Coin

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A student of both history and law, James Madison attended the College of New Jersey (later known as Princeton University), returning to his native Virginia to help craft that state’s Constitution, as well as serving as a leader in the Virginia Assembly.

Following the American Revolution, Madison was instrumental in determining the course of the new Republic and in framing the government of the new Nation. With Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, Madison wrote The Federalist Papers, a series of 85 essays that advocated the adoption of the United States Constitution. In Congress, James Madison helped secure passage for the Bill of Rights.

France and Great Britain were at war when James Madison was elected to the presidency. Though he favored a more neutral position, the continued harassment of American sailors, combined with the seizure of American cargo, forced President Madison to ask Congress for a declaration of war with Great Britain on June 1, 1812.

Coinage Legislation under President James Madison

Act of December 2, 1812 — This Act directs the location of the United States Mint to remain in Philadelphia for another term of five years, beginning March 4, 1813.

Act of April 29, 1816 — This Act authorizes certain gold and silver coinage from foreign countries as current and legal tender for the payment of all debts within the United States. Specific rates of exchange are enumerated for the coins of England, Spain, Portugal and France. The Act also calls for an annual assay of such coins made current by the Act, and for a report to the Congress detailing the results.

United States Mint Directors appointed by President Madison

President James Madison did not appoint a Director of the United States Mint.

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Obverse Inscriptions

  • 4TH PRESIDENT 1809-1817

Reverse Inscriptions

  • $1

Incused (edge) Inscriptions

  • 2007
  • mint mark ("P," "D," or "S")

Mint and Mint Mark

Artist Information

  • Sculptor: Don Everhart, Sculptor-Engraver
  • Designer: Joel Iskowitz
  • Don Everhart, Sculptor-Engraver
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