FOIA Log FY 2015 Quarter 2: United States Mint

January 1, 2015 to March 31, 2015

Requestor Organization Request # Short Description Request Type
[redacted] Private Citizen 2014-12-080 Documents that pertain to the evaluations, selection and correspondence regarding the US Mint procurment contract of TM-HQ-15-C-0002 FOIA
Risenhoover, Paul Robin Hood International Human Rights Legal Defense 2015-01-020 “Costs & Benefits of replacing $1 Fed. Reserve Note with $1 U S. coin” FOIA
[redacted] Self 2015-01-029 Order History Request FOIA
[redacted] United States Mint 2015-01-032 The requester seeks the results the a desk audit done on her and the position released by the ARC staff on November 18, 2014 to her supervisor. Privacy Act/FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2015-01-037 “Mint-related news clips” FOIA
[redacted] Private Citizen 2015-01-061 The requester wants to retrieve his purchase history from 2003 through January 2008 Privacy Act/FOIA
[redacted] Self 2015-01-107 Information on [redacted] and [redacted] FOIA
[redacted] Self 2015-02-014 Coin Order History Privacy Act/FOIA
[redacted] Self 2015-02-105 Coin Order History Privacy Act/FOIA
Vinocur, Claire Democratic National Committee 2015-03-041 Records concerning Scott Walker (Governor, County Executive and member of Wisconsin State Assembly)from 1993 to the present to include FOIA log FOIA
Vinocur, Claire Democratic National Committee 2015-03-046 Records concerning John Kasich (Governor, Managing Director of Lehman Brothers’ and U.S. House of Representatives)to include FOIA requests FOIA
Berns, Jeremy Democratic National Committee 2015-03-070 Communications regarding Marco Rubio FOIA
Kane, Michael Democratic National Committee 2015-03-072 Communication regarding Christopher “Chris” J. Christie FOIA
Roberts, Kelly Democratic National Committee 2015-03-073 Communications regarding Randal “Rand” Paul FOIA
Stranix, Patrick Democratic National Committee 2015-03-074 Communication regarding John Ellis “Jeb” Bush FOIA
Bennett, Eric Democratic National Committee 2015-03-067 Communications regarding James Richard “Rick” Perry FOIA
Bennett, Eric Democratic National Committee 2015-03-068 Communications regarding Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz FOIA
Ramirez, Krystal Democratic National Committee 2015-03-069 Communications regarding Michael “Mike” Pence FOIA
Kotkin, Tyler Democratic National Committee 2015-03-093 All records concerning Piyush “Bobby” Jindal to include FOIA requests FOIA
[redacted] Self 2015-03-140 Order history request for [redacted] FOIA
Auricchio, Nicholas Private Citizen 2015-03-139 Color photos or black/white photos of the early design/development of the Lincoln Cent FOIA
[redacted] Self 2015-03-196 Coin order history for client, [redacted] Privacy Act/FOIA

[redacted] indicates removal of personally identifiable information.

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