FOIA Log FY 2018 Quarter 2: United States Mint

January 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018

Requestor Organization Request # Short Description Request Type
Murdock, Jennifer N/A 2018-01-014 Request the total mintage for 2017-West Point 50 Dollar 1-oz Burnished Gold Eagle uncirculated FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2018-01-060 Request a copy of all correspondence between the U.S. Mint Office of the Director and the Department of the Treasury Office of Inspector General FOIA
[redacted] Self 2018-01-071 Request US Mint records on slip and fall incident FOIA
Sullivan, George N/A 2018-01-076 Request created through Online FOIA Queue FOIA
Nieuwenhuijs, Jan Private Citizen 2018-01-099 Assay report related to the audit of the US’ monetary gold stored at the Federal Reserve Bank Of New York that was verified in 2012 FOIA
Wacks, Mel American Israel Numismatic Association 2018-01-095 Request a photo of the Congressional Gold Medal given to Irving Berlin on July 16, 1954 FOIA
Levine, Carrie Center for Public Integrity 2018-01-116 Request correspondence associated with the visits of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and [redacted] to the U.S. Mint FOIA
[redacted] US Mint 2018-01-177 Request emails between San Francisco [redacted] and [redacted] Privacy Act/FOIA
[redacted] US Mint 2018-01-179 Request investigation and conclusion on case by the San Francisco [redacted], a case initiated on Sept 25, 2017 Privacy Act/FOIA
[redacted] US Mint 2018-01-180 Copy of an After Action Report from [redacted] Privacy Act/FOIA
[redacted] US Mint 2018-01-181 Copy of the completed Management Inquiry and all related correspondence Privacy Act/FOIA
[redacted] Self 2018-01-209 Request a copy of any records about me maintained by Mint btwn Jan. 2012 – Present Privacy Act/FOIA
[redacted] Self 2018-01-210 Request copy of [redacted] Privacy Act/FOIA
Kick, Russ MuckRock 2018-01-211 Request Mint’s FOIA Log covering 2017 in digital format FOIA
[redacted] Self 2018-01-244 Request information associated [redacted] FOIA
Gamez, Carlos N/A 2018-01-229 Request all documents that pertain to the different dies and die sets used on proof coins from 2008-2018 FOIA
[redacted] N/A 2018-01-247 Request created through Online FOIA Queue FOIA
[redacted] Self 2018-02-049 Request information associated with the [redacted] FOIA
[redacted] N/A 2018-02-013 Request reason for [redacted] FOIA
Rodriguez, Herman DeepBlueCoin 2018-02-027 Request under the other than federal entities coinage testing contract and associated publications and instrumentations to fullfil the job FOIA
[redacted] US Mint 2018-02-071 Request for emails regarding [redacted] FOIA
Nieuwenhuijs, Jan Private Citizen 2018-02-068 Request a digital copies of Official Joint Seals (OJS) previously affixed to compartments in United States Mint depositories storing monetary (custodi FOIA
[redacted] Self 2018-02-073 Request number of [redacted] FOIA
Ponce, Luis SEIU Local 105 2018-02-086 Request current security services’ contractor at this US Mint location in Denver, CO FOIA
Morgante, David Seton Hall University (Student) 2018-02-105 Request US Mint’s current firearms policy for law enforcement officers FOIA
Powell, Eleanor University of Wisconsin – Madison 2018-02-110 Request Congressional Correspondence Logs that track Congressional communications received between January 1, 2007 and February 19, 2018 FOIA
Nappi, Ronald N/A 2018-02-120 Request records that define if the Philadelphia Mint Proof coins from 1950-1963 FOIA
Johnson, Amy Amherst College 2018-02-136 Request any documents or materials that discuss the fake Mint Facebook pages referenced FOIA
Warren, Kim DiscoverOrg 2018-02-187 Request the Organizational Charts for the Chief Information Officer of Department of the Treasury – U.S. Mint FOIA
Omodara, Ade-Damola PB Services 2018-03-003 Request created through Online FOIA Queue FOIA
Ponce, Luis SEIU Local 105 2018-03-031 Request information on the security services provided by the United States Mint Police at the following location in Denver, CO FOIA
[redacted] Keller Enterprises 2018-03-093 Request records of [redacted] holdership of Gold Bullion FOIA
Kunkle, Douglas N/A 2018-03-095 Request any documentation of the precise location of the packaging of both the Denver and Philadelphia mint sets for 1969 FOIA
[redacted] N/A 2018-03-116 Request of a Personal Nature FOIA
[redacted] DOD Navy Police 2018-03-175 Request of a Personal Nature Privacy Act/FOIA
[redacted] U.S. Mint 2018-03-187 Request supporting documentation related to [redacted] FOIA
[redacted] Keller Enterprises 2018-03-206 Requesting records with the [redacted] FOIA
[redacted] Self 2018-03-207 Order History Request FOIA

[redacted] indicates removal of personally identifiable information.

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