FOIA Log FY 2021 Quarter 2: United States Mint

January 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021

Requestor Organization Request # Short Description Request Type
Duebelbeis, Dennis Self 2021-01-031 Requester wants explanation of the proposed fairness of coin collecting, studies to ensure fairness to all, or any expertise in that area. Requester asks, should fairness be of high importance for a federal agency/retail sales organization. FOIA
Powell, Eleanor Private Citizen 2021-02-030 Request all Department of Treasury US Mint Congressional Correspondence Logs or other records that track Congressional communications, including those maintained by component, regional or program offices, for correspondence received between February 20, 2018 and December 31, 2020. FOIA
B, Sarah Self 2021-02-033 The complete list of companies that are approved sellers of gold to the United States Mint. In essence, all the companies from which the US Mint has sourced gold. FOIA
Frayer, Donald Don Frayer AIIX 2021-02-034 Requesting final production count of 2020-W Jefferson nickels for type 1, type 2, and type 3. Type 1: Mirror proof Type 2: Reverse proof Type 3: Uncirculated (presumed canceled) FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2021-02-054 Request a copy of each email in the email accounts of each person in the United States Mint Office of the Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs Director which contains ANY of the following words: CAPITAL, CAPITOL, POLICE, ATTACK, MOB, VIOLENCE, or TRUMP. I limit this request to emails on January 6 and January 7th. FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2021-02-055 A copy or printout of the YouTube Creator’s Page for the Bureau of the Mint, which shows nonpublic videos on the agency’s YouTube account. YouTube creator’s page is UNLISTED and/or PRIVATE. FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2021-02-056 A digital/electronic copy of the transition briefing document(s) (late 2020) prepared by the Bureau of the Mint for the incoming Biden Administration. FOIA
Smith, Bruce Self 2021-02-066 I am looking for information specific to the selling and distribution of the 2020 V75 stamped American Gold Eagle, item 20XE. The mintage of this coin was limited to 1,945 pieces, 1,945 pieces to reflect and commemorate the end of World War II in 1945 FOIA
Kinnebrew, Royce Self 2021-02-067 Request info on the special emphasis manager in charge of clack affairs and/or the person who is in charge of scheduling the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. observation, the Black History Month Celebration, and the diversity training that was suspended by executive order at the Washington D.C. Headquarters. FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2021-03-005 A copy of the FOIA Case Log for the Bureau of the Mint for each of the calendar years 2017 through 2020. I would expect the FOIA Case Log to include the subject/topic of the records being requested, since it is included in the log. This request is not for any commercial purpose. FOIA
Dorman, Mandy Dorman, Bell & Kramer, LLP 2021-03-006 Request a copy of all full time employees’ first, middle (if available) and last names nationwide, including their job title/position, their campus/office location, date of hire and email address. Please provide this information in an electronic format such as Excel or .csv. FOIA
DeNolf, Dennis Self 2021-03-007 The population reports for bullion Silver American Eagles, from July 2017, to October 2019. This from each of the Mints. Thank You FOIA
Mudupalli, Vineet Self 2021-03-008 Requesting all communications, written and electronic, sent or received by any and all personnel in the Departmental Offices (Headquarters); Bureau of Engraving and Printing; and the U.S. Mint during the time period January 20, 2019 to the date this search that includes at least one of the terms listed below: 1. Harriet 2. Tubman 3. Harriet Tubman 4. $20. Please ensure the search for responsive records includes any sent to or received from the domain. FOIA
Short, Andrew University of Arizona 2021-03-009 The Amount of 25 cent coins produced at the Philadelphia Mint annually from December 31, 2016 through December 31, 2020 FOIA
Muir, Brittany COGENCY GLOBAL INC 2021-03-010 Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), as amended, 5 U.S.C. § 552, et seq., COGENCY GLOBAL INC., hereby requests documents related to Proposal No. 20340920R00009, Labor and Employee Relations Case Management. Please provide completed RFI responses from all vendors who responded; score sheets and committee recommendations; and, if available, the final executed contract(s)/SOW including pricing, exhibits, attachments and addendums. FOIA
[redacted] Self 2021-03-011 In 2018, I was given a tentative job offer for the position of police officer. I went through the entire job process; however, my application was withdrawn. Privacy Act/FOIA
[redacted] Self 2021-03-012 In 2018, I was given a tentative job offer for the position of police officer. I went through the entire job process; however, my application was withdrawn. Privacy Act/FOIA
Not required, Self 2021-03-013 All publicly available personnel information (including but not limited to commendations, complaints, disciplinary action, salary, training and any similar such records) relating to the unprofessional guard FOIA
Franco, Melanie Tully Rinckey PLLC 2021-03-018 Request personnel files of Mint employee Privacy Act/FOIA
Martin, Jon 2021-03-019 Request copies of these records: 1) Coin destruction records from the Denver Mint for 1972, 1973, and 1974. 2) Records of displays that were a part of the Philadelphia Mint Tour in 1976. 3) Denver Mint Die Records that include all dates of production of the 1973D Dime. 1972-1973 FOIA
[redacted] United States Mint 2021-03-040 Seeking information from the United States Mint on the exact number of Mint HQ employees who had their Mint-issued laptops seized based on concerns these laptops may have been compromised in the Russian (or foreign actor) hack. FOIA
Gamez, Carlos Self 2021-03-047 1. All sale sheets that relate to the Authorized Bulk Purchase Program that allowed for 18 dealers to place an order before the release date regarding the 2021-W Proof American Silver Eagle and American Gold Eagle. This includes documents from November 1, 2020 to the present date. 2. All documents that are in relation to the Authorized Bulk
Purchase Program from January 1, 2021 to the present date. Sources
Duebelbeis, Dennis Self 2021-03-050 Why the US Mint has instigated a new reward program for bulk purchasers? I have seen evidence that select purchasers are able to obtain (pick up product from distribution site) mint products (2021-W proof silver eagle and the 2021-S proof set) at least three days prior to the official (announced) sale date. Already bulk purchasers are rewarded with much lower prices than non-bulk customers. Coin grading companies have already graded and labeled these items with Advance Release (meaning they were received at or prior to the official release date and time). Both these items are being sold in excess of $400. They are being advertised as the first and second events of this that have ever been performed by the U.S. Mint. I have contacted, multiple times, the US Mint and received no reply on this matter FOIA

[redacted] indicates removal of personally identifiable information.

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