FOIA Log FY 2021 Quarter 4: United States Mint

July 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021

Requestor Organization Request # Short Description Request Type
[redacted] United States Mint 2021-MINT-00001 Request of a personal nature. FOIA
Couch, Nathan N/A 2021-MINT-00002 I am making this request in order to formally learn exactly how many ‘End of World War II 75th Anniversary Silver Medal (P)’ Certificates of Authenticity (COA) were hand signed the Director of the Mint. The listing on the page only references ‘limited quantity’. This information has been difficult to find through conventional searching. > These products will include a limited quantity of hand signed Certificates of Authenticity (COA) by the Director of the Mint. FOIA
[redacted] Self 2021-MINT-00003 Request of a personal nature. FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2021-MINT-00004 A copy of the FOIA SOPs for the Bureau of the Mint. That is, the Standard Operating Procedures for processing and administering FOIA requests at the Bureau of the Mint. I agree to limit this request to records dating between January 1, 2021 and the present. FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2021-MINT-00005 A copy of the (circa 2020-2021) Bureau of the Mint FOIA self-assessment that used DOJ’s FOIA self-assessment toolkit. FOIA
Plowman, David 2021-MINT-00006 I am looking for any information, correspondence internal and external regarding Panama coins, 1936 to 1983 (the last time they were minted by the U.S. mint). More specifically on the dates, coins were minted in Philadelphia for Panama in 1937, 1940 and 1947. Panama coins were minted 1966 to 1974 in San Francisco, West Point 1974, and unidentified U.S. mint 1975, 1979, 1980, 1982 and 1983. So I am requesting correspondence, internal records, and nytime of historical interest to the Panamanian numismatic community. From 01/01/1936 To 12/31/1983 FOIA
[redacted] US Mint 2021-MINT-00007 Requesting all new hire Police Officers (0083) resumes/qualification and what rade & step that they receive when hired. His request is only for the year 2017 (January 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2017. FOIA
[redacted] Self 2021-MINT-00009 Request of a personal nature. FOIA
Prabhu, Jacob 2021-MINT-00008 Scrap metal receipts for the Fiscal Year of 2021 for metal generated at the San Francisco Mint (Inclusive of canceled coinage metal scraps and coin dies.) FOIA
Castillo, Michael 2021-MINT-00010 Request a list of: All applicants to the US Mint’s Numismatic Bulk Purchase Program and a list of all APPROVED applicants to th US Mint’s Numismatic Bulk Purchase Program. The list(s) can be in word, excel, or pdf format, or I will accept any format the US Mint has readily available. FOIA
Gorham, Chas Fillogic 2021-MINT-00012 Request information and requirements on the previous OMS 2 contract solicitation. FOIA
[redacted] 2021-MINT-00015 All information regarding order number: [redacted]. Specifically why the order was cancelled. All notes regarding sale, confirmation, and cancellations. All note and records regarding customer service interaction with follow up regarding customer service requests. US Mint policy and procedures regarding cancellations of orders. I attached my letter to the director so you can have an idea what I am looking for. Justification for a cancelled order. (Date Range for Record Search: From 05/23/2021 To 08/16/2021) FOIA
[redacted] United States Treasury Department 2021-MINT-00013 Request of a personal nature. FOIA
Turner, Herman 2021-MINT-00014 Looking for any and all information pertaining to Silver Eagles developing blemishes or milk spots. (Date Range for Record Search: From 11/01/2010 To 08 18 2021) FOIA
Duebelbeis, Dennis Self 2021-MINT-00016 I would like to receive the names and dealer affiliations of the eighteen authorized Bulk Purchase Program (ABPP) members as implemented in 2021 by OUR U.S. Mint. FOIA
Cusuman, Mason JDR Inc 2021-MINT-00017 Requesting copies of Purchase Orders/Invoices of all customers of U.S. mint for purchases of: -American Eagle Coins -American Liberty -Kennedy Half Dollars -2021 Morgan and Peace Dollars – Proof Sets -Bullion Silver and Gold Eagles – Silver Coins -Purchase Orders/Invoice dates from January 2015 to September 2021. FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2021-MINT-00018 A copy of the Bureau of the Mint FOIA Standard Operating Procedures. Please limit this request to records created since February 1, 2021. FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2021-MINT-00019 Request a copy of reports at US Mint Headquarters describing cases of employee fraud and employee theft at Mint field sites, and the numbers of such cases. This activity is mentioned in the US Mint Enterprise Risk Management Risk Assessment and ERM Program Inventory Final Report, May 2017. FOIA
Ravnitzky, Michael Private Citizen 2021-MINT-00020 A copy of each internal Mint report on the problems with the Mutilated Coin Program, and/or each plan for establishment of a new strategy for the Mutilated Coin program. I am NOT seeking any Office of Inspector General Reports; rather I am requesting only reports or plans from the Mint, and I further limit my request to documents dated between January 1, 2017 and present. (Date Range for Record Search: From 1/1/2017 To 9/21/2021) FOIA
Moy, Ed Number 38 Ventures, LLC 2021-MINT-00021 Requesting publication quality photographs and as many images of gold bars at Fort Knox. FOIA
Gamez, Carlos Self 2021-MINT-00022 Request a copy of the resignation letter submitted by Mint Director David J. Ryder. This is based on the official press release on September 24th (
Koerper, Stephen Accident Investigative Services, Inc. 2021-MINT-00023 Requesting a copy of a video which shows a motor vehicle accident on 9/15/21 @ 12:50 a.m., at the intersection of N. 5th Street & Race Street. FOIA
Rappeport, Alan The New York Times 2021-MINT-00024 Request a copy of the Cultural Assessment Survey report that was conducted by TI Verbatim. FOIA
Gilkes, Paul Coin World 2022-MA-00001 Requester is appealing decision to withhold names of the participants of the Authorized Bulk Purchasers Program under Exemption 4 trade secrets of financial information of a person. FOIA
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