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Artistic Infusion Program

Matthew Molen is a U.S. military veteran, who served with and supported the 7th Special Forces Group stateside and in Afghanistan. Whenever he had downtime in Afghanistan, he turned to drawing and enjoyed the respite it gave him to create whatever he wanted in such a crazy place.

Back in the U.S., Matthew drove cross-country (a journey that included a near miss with Hurricane Katrina) to either start his artistic journey to become the best artist he could be or to rejoin the military if he felt he didn’t have a future in art. Years later he graduated from Moorpark Community College, then Cal State Humboldt with a bachelor’s degree in art, and finally from Vancouver Film School in 3-D modeling.

With a solid foundation in place, Matthew worked with various companies creating miniatures for start-ups, TV and movies, and a few licensed companies. He went from producing 2-D and 3-D concept work to becoming an art director. Eventually, he jumped over to video games where he worked on AAA titles in 2-D and 3-D as well.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife and son exploring new places and different cuisines.

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