Behind the Scenes – The Supply Division

November 12, 2014

Philadelphia Mint Supply Team
Right: Barbara Walker, Ronald Young, Cathy Lane and Jonathan Gray. Center: Steve Lewis (Supervisor), Joseph Primo, and Daniel Rymshaw. Left: Vivian Watson and Joseph Sharkey.

The United States Mint is the world’s largest producer of coins and numismatic products. Currently we are on track to mark the fifth consecutive year-over-year increase for circulating coin production, with year-to-date production figures surpassing 10.28 billion pieces. In addition, the Mint is one of the nation’s top 75 Internet retailers. It holds that status by keeping its customers happy with outstanding service and products, and by keeping cost down.

The Mint ships millions of coins every day to banks, customers, and thousands of happy coin collectors. How does the Mint keep that product supply moving even with increases in demand? It takes hundreds of dedicated employees from every division, including the Supply Division, to keep Mint customers happy.

Nine Supply staffers cover both production shifts at our Philadelphia facility. They are responsible for an inventory valued at more than $9 million. More than 11,000 items, from operating supplies to spare parts and everything in between, keeps this plant and its employees hustling and meeting their production and maintenance goals.

Steve Lewis has been the Supply Division chief for four years and is impressed by the commitment his team has.

“We have a great staff in Supply and we’re proud to help keep this place running, especially for the number one Mint in the world,” Steve said.

The Supply Team has also introduced several programs that will realize significant savings for the Mint. Efforts in recycling and vendor buy-back options have netted the Mint thousands in additional revenue.

Their current stock reorganizing project will also see real savings by enhancing the accessibility of parts and suitable replacements. And by adhering to good housekeeping and safety standards, the staff has remained injury-free for 7 years.

A lot of hard work has helped the staff develop friendships, respect and appreciation for each other, which helps the staff enjoy their service.

“The Mint is the only place where one can enjoy making money for somebody else,” Steve added.

Whether it’s reviewing needs, ordering supplies, or issuing inventory, the Supply staffers play a vital role in keeping production moving and U.S. Mint customers happy.

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