Coin Programs in the Circulating Collectible Coin Redesign Act

2022 American Women Quarters Coin Maya Angelou Uncirculated Reverse

The Circulating Collectible Coin Redesign Act of 2020 (CCCRA; Public Law 116-330) authorizes the United States Mint to produce new designs on select circulating coins from 2022 through 2030. Three new programs celebrating the accomplishments of prominent women, remarkable events in our nation’s history, and beloved sports played by American youth will be honored on circulating coins.

American Women Quarters™ Program (2022–2025)

From 2022 through 2025, the Mint will issue five quarters each year with reverse designs featuring the contributions of extraordinary American women. Each honoree is a powerful, inspiring example of the breadth and depth of accomplishments being celebrated through this historic coin program. Learn more about the coins and the AWQ program with the links below.

Semiquincentennial Program (2026)

In 2026, the Mint will redesign our coinage in recognition of the 250th anniversary of our nation’s founding. Look for exciting new designs on circulating coins commemorating this momentous occasion.

Let your voice be heard! To honor our country’s 250th anniversary, the United States Mint will re-issue a selection of historic coins. Starting November 3, 2023, the Mint invites all Americans to take a brief survey to help determine which coins should be re-issued as numismatic coins in 2026. The survey will be available through December 3, 2023.

American Youth Sports Program (2027–2030)

From 2027 to 2030, the Mint will issue up to five quarters annually with reverse designs featuring youth sports, and one half dollar annually with a reverse design celebrating sports tailored to athletes with a range of disabilities, including physical impairment, vision impairment and intellectual impairment.

Mint Coin Launches

Nina Otero-Warren quarter student art project

The U.S. Mint celebrates new coins at launch events across the country. Explore the Mint’s Flickr for photos of American Women Quarters celebrations and other events.

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