Five Questions with Sharlene Wallace

by Office of Corporate Communications
December 7, 2016

Sharlene Wallace, Division Chief, Planning & Analysis Branch
Sharlene Wallace, Division Chief, Planning & Analysis Branch, Headquarters

1. What jobs have you held at the Mint?
The Mint was my first government job, and I will be celebrating 14 years here this month. I started as a Financial Analyst, then I moved on to Lead Financial Analyst in the Financial Department. I was then detailed for two years on the OMS II project. At the end of the project, I returned to the Financial Directorate where I am now the Division Chief of the Planning and Analysis Branch.

2. What do you like most about your job today?
I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people over the years. The people are talented and bring a wealth of knowledge to the organization. My job involves being able to give timely and accurate reports to management. What I like most besides the people is the wide variety of opportunities that bring different but challenging assignments.

3. What is your favorite coin or Mint program?
I have always been fascinated with the Kennedy Half Dollar coins. As a young child, I remember getting them at my dad’s company picnic every year as a prize. I had a collection of them for many years even before I started working at the Mint. My favorite coin would be the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin collection.

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition or what do you like most about the holidays?
My favorite holiday is Christmas. Over the years, as our family has grown, it’s always nice for my parents and siblings to come together to celebrate our beliefs. We lost my grandmother two years ago on Christmas Day, so we celebrate her by making one of her special dishes.

5. Can you tell us the context for which you won the U.S. Mint’s Rittenhouse Award? What did winning it mean to you?
I was a recipient of the 2014 Rittenhouse Medal for Excellence Award – Team Excellence in Innovation. It was a complete surprise that we were even nominated for the award. Winning a Rittenhouse Award is the highest honor here at the Mint, and it meant that we were recognized and appreciated for our significant contribution to the organization. Standing in front of our family and peers receiving the award is something I will never forget. The wonderful plaque is a continuous reminder that my work here at the Mint matters.

Sharlene Wallace receiving the 2014 Rittenhouse Award for Excellence. Also featured are her children Joshua and Jessica Wallace.
Sharlene Wallace receiving the 2014 Rittenhouse Award for Excellence. Also featured are her children Joshua and Jessica Wallace.

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