Mint Director Strikes Production Run Platinum Proof Coins

May 1, 1997
Maximum Mintages As Low as 18,000 Per Denomination 4–Coin Set Limited to 8,000 3–Coin Impressions of Liberty™ Set Features Proof One Ounce Platinum, Gold &Silver in Limited Edition of 5,000

West Point, N.Y. — The U.S. Mint today previewed the first U.S. platinum coins, executing production strikes of the Proof Platinum American Eagle with members of the numismatic press at the West Point Mint.

The Proof Platinum Eagles go on sale June 6, in one ounce, half–ounce, quarter– ounce and one–tenth ounce denominations, the popular Four–Coin Set, and a stunning three–coin Impressions of Liberty™ set featuring proof one–ounce platinum, gold and silver bullion coins. This set will be offered this year only.

Director of the Mint Philip N. Diehl welcomed members of the press to the West Point Mint, noting that “the arrival of the Platinum Eagle has been one of the most anticipated stories on the numismatic horizon during 1997.

“Today’s production strikes presage an auspicious debut on June 6, when numismatists will have four beautiful new coins, and two new multi–coin sets to collect,” Diehl said. “We believe the beauty and value of this historic coin ensure that it will be the world’s preeminent platinum coin from this day forward.

The obverse design of the .9995 proof platinum coins is Mint Sculptor/Engraver’s John Mercanti’s “Portrait of Liberty,” and the reverse design, which will be issued on the Proof Platinum Eagle only in 1997, is Mint Sculptor Engraver Thomas D. Rogers Sr.’s “Soaring Bald Eagle.”

Prices for the individual Proof Platinum American Eagles are: $695 for the one– ounce; $395 for the half–ounce; $199 for the quarter–ounce, and $99 for the tenth–ounce. The Four Coin Set is $1,350 and the 3–coin Impressions of Liberty™ set is $1,499.

The one–ounce carries a $100 face value; the half–ounce a $50 face value; the quarter–ounce a $25 face value, and the tenth–ounce a $10 face value.

The authorized maximum mintages for the Proof Platinum Eagles:

Coin Maximum
(Troy oz.)
1 ounce ($100) 21,000 8,000 1.0005 32.70
½ ounce ($50) 18,000 10,000 .5003 27.00
1/4 ounce ($25) 23,000 15,000 0.2501 22.00
1/10 ounce ($10) 38,000 30,000 0.10005 16.50
4–Coin Set 8,000
3–Coin Set 5,000

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