Tenth Ounce Proof Platinum Eagle Sells Out

July 24, 1998
93 Percent of Coin Options Sold Out After Seven Weeks

Washington, D.C. — The U.S. Mint today announced the sellout of 10,000 1998 Tenth Ounce Proof Platinum American Eagle Coins, the first of the single denominations of the recently released proof bullion coins to sell out its maximum mintage.

“We are very pleased to announce the first sellout of the Proof Platinum denominations,” said Mint Director Philip N. Diehl. “We want to keep customers informed regarding the remaining individual coins, and the Four Coin Set, as we expect more sell–outs to follow very shortly.”

Sales of the 1998 Proof Platinum American Eagle Coins.

Denomination Coins/Sets
Percent Of
One ounce 3,067 1,933 5,000 61%
Half ounce 3,345 655 4,000 84%
Quarter ounce 4,748 252 5,000 95%
Tenth ounce 10,000 0 10,000 100%
Four Coin Set 8,894 1,106 10,000 89%

Prices for the remaining 1998 Proof Platinum American Eagle options are $695 for the one–ounce coin; $395 for the half–ounce coin; $199 for the quarter–ounce coin, and $1,350 for The Four Coin Set.

In this, the second year of the Proof Platinum program, overall mintages were reduced by 36 percent, with some coins from the individual options reallocated to the Four Coin Set, increasing that edition to 10,000 units from 8,000.

Last year, the Mint sold out the Four–Coin Set and the three–coin Impressions of Liberty Set within three weeks, and the one ounce Proof Platinum Eagle in 16 weeks, turning away well over a thousand orders.

This is a limited–time offer. American Eagle Proof Platinum Coins will be available until 12/31/98, or a sellout, whichever comes first. Mintage of these coins is strictly limited; orders received after mintage limits have been reached will not be processed. No telephone orders will be accepted for this product. The U.S. Mint may limit quantities sold on a per–person basis. Coins may be delivered in multiple shipments. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery. An official order form is not required to submit an order, and the Mint will accept orders submitted by overnight mail.

Mail orders to: The United States Mint, P.O. Box 382620, Pittsburgh, PA 15250–8620. For additional information about Proof Platinum Eagles or other U.S. Mint products, contact the Mint’s website at http://www.usmint.gov or telephone (202) 283–2646.


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