U.S. Mint Catalog Highlights 1999 Susan B. Anthony Dollar in Bags, Uncirculated Sets and Proof Condition

September 27, 1999
1999 Holiday Collection Features Jewelry, Holiday Ornaments &New Historical Folios Limited Quantity of 50 State Quarters Coin & Die Sets Available

Washington, D.C. — The annual U.S. Mint catalog again brings a stunning array of coin, jewelry and collectibles from the 1999 Holiday Collection, this year highlighting the 1999–dated Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin.

“In these pages, we end a momentous century and welcome a new millennium with beautiful, memorable and desirable products,” said Mint Director Philip N. Diehl in his welcome letter catalog customers. “On the eve of minting a new dollar coin, economic growth and public demand compelled us to strike SBAs for the first time in almost twenty years … and the last time ever. They’re here, in proof sets, uncirculated sets and bags of 25 or 1,000.”

Packaged in a handsome blue gift box, the 1999 Susan B. Anthony Proof Dollar, at $8.95, is a limited edition product, with estimated production of only 750,000 coins, and an order limit of 4 per household.

The 1999 Susan B. Anthony Uncirculated Set, at $5.95, includes two SBA dollars and mint mark pieces (P and D) from the Philadelphia and Denver Mint, with an estimated production of 1.2 million sets. Both P and D mint mark Susan B. Anthony Dollars are also available in bags of 25 for $35.50 and bags of 1,000 for $1,095 while quantities last. There are no household limits for the SBA Uncirculated Set or SBA bags.

Items featuring the 50 State Quarters range from the Proof and Uncirculated Sets to the Collector’s Map and new office accessories, highlighted by limited edition 50 State Quarters Coin &Die Sets. Each 50 State Quarters Coin &Die Sets includes a completely defaced die, a 1999 quarter and a certificate of authenticity numbered to match the die. The sets are available in limited quantities in designs of the Mint’s choice, with an order limit of two per household, for $34.95 each. They are expected to sell out quickly.

New gift items include an Oval Leather Key Ring ($6.95); a Gold Divot Tool ($9.95); a Sterling Silver Bookmark ($14.95); a U–Shaped Horseshoe Key Ring ($9.95) and a State Quarters Paperweight ($19.95), as well as a Sterling Silver Pendant and Chain ($24.95), and the First Day Commemorative Coin Covers ($19.95) — all featuring the first five 50 State Quarter quarter designs.

All four of the Mint’s popular holiday ornaments are available: 1996 featuring the Kennedy Half Dollar, 1997 featuring the Washington Quarter, 1998 featuring the Roosevelt Dime, and 1999 featuring the Jefferson Nickel — each for only $18.95.

“For students of history, art, nature and the American Presidency, we are offering this year’s Dolley Madison, George Washington and Yellowstone National Park commemorative coins,” said Diehl. “And with the Washington and Yellowstone coins, the Mint and the National Archives have collaborated to bring a new and innovative product: the Coin and Chronicles Collection.”

The first in the Mint’s new collection, the George Washington Folio at $24.95, honors our first President, presenting six historic documents that highlight important milestones in Washington’s life and the history of the U.S. Mint, which was created during his administration. The Yellowstone National Park Folio, at $19.95, features twelve 8′ X 10′ photographs of the park’s stunning attractions and scenery, photographed in 1941 and 1942 by the renowned Ansel Adams, who was commissioned by the government to record our great national parks. With only 5,000 Washington Folios and 25,000 Yellowstone Folios available, rapid sellouts are likely.

History lovers also now can own The History’s Channel’s Modern Marvels: The United States Mint and Money Machines, produced by Arts &Entertainment Home Video, for only $19.95. An ideal entertainment or educational gift, the video of the special television production features interview footage with Mint Director Philip Diehl discussing Mint history and operations.

Perennial favorites include the Proof Gold, Silver and Platinum American Eagles and jewelry and watches featuring these stunning coins. With as much as 60 percent of maximum Proof Platinum mintages and 80 percent of maximum Proof Gold mintages sold, the last Proof Eagles of the century are also are likely to sellout in the near future.

Shipping and handling is $3.95 per order; for guaranteed holiday delivery; customers should order by November 15, 1999. Order will be shipped by the United States Postal Service. Orders for multiple items may be shipped in separate packages. Please allow six weeks for delivery. Expedited delivery is available via Express Mail for $10 for in stock items except for the bags of Susan B. Anthony Dollars and the Washington and Yellowstone folios. Orders will be processed the following business day and sent out via overnight delivery.


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