Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee Welcomes Three New Members

April 16, 2003

WASHINGTON — The United States Mint is pleased to announce that on March 18, 2003 Treasury Secretary John W. Snow appointed three new members to the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee (CCCAC).

Secretary Snow selected Mr. David Enders Tripp because of his special qualifications in art, art history, and numismatics. Mr. Tripp brings to the CCCAC not only his experience as a classical archaeologist and art historian, but also more than 20 years of experience as a professional numismatic consultant. His clients have included Bowers and Merena Galleries, Lester Merkin Rare Coins and banks in London, Zurich and New York. A Fellow of the American Numismatic Society, Mr. Tripp is the former Department Head of Sotheby’s Coin, Tapestry and Musical Instrument Department.

The Secretary selected Ms. Constance B. Harriman to serve as one of the Committee’s three members who represent the interest of the general public. Ms. Harriman has extensive legal, public policy and management experience in the federal government, working with Congress, media and special interest groups. She also has private sector experience in corporate and securities law and commercial and antitrust litigation. Ms. Harriman currently serves as President of the Southern Africa Wildlife Trust, and also has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Export — Import Bank. Ms. Harriman serves on the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee of the Decatur House.

The Secretary selected Ms. Gloria Eskridge to serve as the Committee’s United States Mint representative. Ms. Eskridge is the Associate Director for Sales and Marketing at the United States Mint. Ms. Eskridge has 33 years of experience in product development management for domestic and international markets in both private and public sectors, including R.J. Reynolds International and the United States Mint. She has developed marketing programs for the 50 State Quarters Program and its education initiative, as well as numerous commemorative coin programs and the American Eagle coin programs.

“I congratulate the new members, and thank them for making this important commitment,” said United States Mint Director Henrietta Holsman Fore. “I am confident that their expertise and experience will be vital to the future of the Nation’s special coin programs.”

The United States Mint issued a public announcement in November 2002, inviting interested parties to recommend candidates for CCCAC membership or to submit letters of interest for their own consideration by December 2, 2002. One position for the member specially qualified in education/art/numismatics, one position for the general public representative and a United States Mint representative were to be recommended from these applications. A panel reviewed and ranked the candidates based on established criteria. The Director of the Mint submitted final recommendations to the Secretary of the Treasury in February 2003. The Secretary approved the recommendations for these three new members in March.

Established in 1993 under Public Law 102–390, the CCCAC recommends events, persons, or places to be commemorated by the issuance of commemorative coins and proposes mintage levels for any commemorative coin recommended. The Committee also reviews and comments on proposed designs for commemorative coins and the 50 State Quarters Program and provides recommendations to the Secretary of the Treasury on these proposals.

Membership consists of seven voting members appointed to four–year terms by the Secretary of the Treasury. Three members are appointed from among individuals specially qualified to serve by reason of their education, training or experience in art, art history, museum or numismatic collection curation, or numismatics. Three members are appointed from among individuals who will represent the interest of the general public. One member is appointed from officers or employees of the United States Mint to represent the interests of the organization. A member of the Commission of Fine Arts participates as a non–voting member.

The Committee is subject to the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury. The United States Mint is responsible for providing the necessary support services for the Committee. Committee members are not paid for their time or services but, consistent with federal travel regulations, members are reimbursed for their travel and lodging expenses to attend approximately two meetings each year.


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