William Henry Harrison Presidential $1 Coin Goes Into Circulation February 19

February 9, 2009

WASHINGTON — The United States Mint will release its ninth Presidential $1 Coin into circulation on February 19, in honor of President William Henry Harrison. Collectors can begin ordering 25–coin rolls of William Henry Harrison Presidential $1 Coins on the same day, February 19, at noon Eastern Time. The rolls are priced at $35.95.

The rolls contain circulating William Henry Harrison Presidential $1 Coins, struck on the main production floors of the United States Mint facilities at Philadelphia and Denver. President Harrison’s portrait graces the obverse (heads side), along with the inscriptions WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON, IN GOD WE TRUST, 9TH PRESIDENT and 1841. A striking image of the Statue of Liberty is on the reverse (tails side). Incused on the coin’s edge are the inscriptions 2009, E PLURIBUS UNUM and the mint of origin (P or D). Packaging for the rolls displays the mint of origin, the face value of the contents ($25) and the United States Mint logo.

President Harrison was born in 1773. During a distinguished Army career, he gained national fame and the nickname “Old Tippecanoe.” In 1840, the Whig Party tapped Harrison to run for President. John Tyler was the vice presidential candidate that year. “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” became the first, and still one of the most memorable, presidential campaign slogans. At age 68, Harrison became the oldest person to serve in the office until the 20th century. He died from pneumonia just one month after his inauguration, the first president to die while in office.

Orders for the rolls of William Henry Harrison Presidential $1 Coins will be accepted at the United States Mint’s secure Web site, www.usmint.gov. Telephone orders will be accepted at 1–800–USA–MINT (872–6468). Hearing– and speech–impaired customers may order by calling 1–888–321–MINT (6468). A shipping and handling fee of $4.95 per order will be added to all domestic orders.

As an added convenience, customers may enroll in the United States Mint’s Online Subscription Program to receive future rolls of Presidential $1 Coins when they are released. For more information about this convenient ordering method, please visit www.usmint.gov.


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