Facilities Accessibility and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) of 1968

The Mint is committed to providing workplaces and public spaces that are accessible to everyone. The ABA requires compliance with ABA accessibility standards access for buildings or facilities designed, built, or altered by or on behalf of the United States after August 12, 1968; those leased in whole or in part by the United States; and those constructed in whole or in part with Federal funds or leased by Federal agencies after August 12, 1968. A separate Federal agency, the United States Access Board, was created to enforce the ABA, which it does through the investigation of complaints.

If you have a concern about the accessibility of a United States Mint facility, contact Edward Shomock, Building Projects Manager at 202-354-7240 (voice), 202-756-6150 (fax), or email DCFacilitiesTeam@usmint.treas.gov. Information about filing a complaint may be found on the Access Board website.

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