Join the United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program (AIP)

Applications accepted until 12 p.m. (noon), Eastern Time, on October 29, 2018

Become a part of history… The designs on United States coins and medals are more than simple illustrations on small metal discs: they are expressions of the values, aspirations, and shared heritage of our Nation. They serve as illustrations to the world of the essence and story of America.

Questions and Answers

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Q1: I’m an illustrator and graphic designer, living in Australia, and would love to be able to contribute. Would this be possible?

A1: An artist who meets all requirements detailed in the Terms and Conditions, including being a United States citizen, is eligible for the Artistic Infusion Program regardless of where he or she lives.

Q2: Can an artist who does not live in the United States apply to the Artistic Infusion Program?

A2: Please see answer A1 above.

Q3: I am a Canadian citizen but a permanent US resident with a green card. Is it necessary to be an American Citizen to apply to this program?

A3: An applicant must be a United States citizen to be eligible for the Artistic Infusion Program.

Requirement to Use the Application Form

Q4: Can I submit my application via email?

A4: No, all applications must be submitted via the United States Mint’s website at

I’m Having Technical Issues Uploading Images…

Q5: I’ve chosen 10 images to submit and filled out the form. When I hit “Submit” I get the red lettered message “Please submit a gif, jpg, jpeg, or png file”. The images that I’ve select are all jpgs. What can we do about this?

A5: Additional restrictions were discovered within the system. The full file type restrictions are as follows:

File names may only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes. Spaces, special characters, and multiple dots ‘.’ will prevent both your file from uploading and your application from being submitted. Accepted file types are .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, and .png. Maximum size limit for each individual file is 20 MB.

Q6: The image files I have selected to upload meet the requirements listed – they do not exceed 20 MB in size, are all acceptable file types, and do not contain multiple dots/periods. Why won’t my image files upload?

A6: Please see answer A5 above.

Q7: I am applying to this call and my application will not upload. Is the 20 MB limit the total of all the images or each?

A7: 20 MB is the size limit for each individual image. If your files are not over the size limit, please be sure that they meet the other requirements listed in answer A5 above.

Q8: Last Saturday 9/8 I was attempting to submit/upload my 10 images thru the portal on the website. For some reason the images would not upload. In red type, on each file submission, it read “Please upload jpg, jpeg, etc., etc” as if my file formats were incorrect. All the images are Adobe Photoshop jpegs. Is there a glitch or something else preventing these images from uploading properly? When should I try to upload again?

A8: Additional restrictions were discovered within the system. Please see answer A5 above for full file requirements. The United States Mint recommends that you try submitting your application at your earliest convenience.

What’s Next…

Q9: Who decides which applicants will be invited to join the Artistic Infusion Program?

A9: A Technical Evaluation Panel, comprised of subject matter experts that will include representatives from the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, and the Mint’s staff, to include, in-house sculptor/engravers, will review and evaluate applicant’s work samples and demonstration designs against established criteria. Artists will be awarded AIP contracts based on Technical Evaluation Panel recommendations.


Q10: For those of us who are currently AIP Designers, is it acceptable to submit the artwork that we have been producing for the United States Mint for contracted assignments, even if we remove design number and identification? It seems that, especially when our designs have been minted, the designs themselves would reveal who we are. Do you prefer more anonymous works?

A10: It is acceptable to submit works that are closely associated with you as an artist, as long as you anonymize your work samples by removing or obscuring your name or initials that may appear on the work, including the file name.

Q11: I am interested in submitting some of my works for consideration but I wanted to first ask about the requirement to remove identifying information. This seems like an odd request to me, so I am writing to ask “why”?

A11: Work samples are anonymized to help keep the focus on the artistic merit of the portfolio during evaluations.

Q12: I realized after the fact that one of my image files has my last name in the filename. Is it possible to remove that file or replace it so that my application is not rejected?

A12: The United States Mint may make minor adjustments to files as needed for anonymity. If an application is rejected during the application period, the applicant will be notified so they may resubmit their application.

Current Artistic Infusion Program Artists

Q13: I am a current AIP artist. Just wanted to ask if I should/need to go the Mint website and formally apply for the Artistic Infusion Program Call for Artist.

A13: Anyone who wishes to participate in this Call for Artists must submit an application via the United States Mint’s website at Most current AIP contracts have remaining option years through 2020 that the Mint may exercise at its discretion. As such, you do not have to participate in this Call in order to continue to work under your existing contract’s option years, if offered. However, because the next AIP Call for Artists may not occur until 2024, if you elect not to participate in this Call you risk having a gap in your contract to design for United States coins and medals. If you apply for this Call and are not offered a new AIP contract, you may continue to work under your existing contract until it expires, and you may, of course, apply to future Calls after a gap in participation in the AIP.

Q14: I just wanted to know if there are any restrictions on what current AIP artists can submit for the current “Call”? Can we submit images that we have done for the mint over the last few years?

A14: Yes, you may submit work sample images that you created for the United States Mint. Work samples should be representative of your work as an artist. As discussed in Q10, please anonymize your work samples by removing or obscuring your name or initials that may appear on the work, including the file name.

Q15: I’m planning to (re)apply to the AIP program via the current call for artists, and I believe I need to request permission from the US Mint to use a few of the Mint’s coin images in my application.

Secondly, would you be able to tell me if it seems reasonable for me to include both the obverse and reverse of one coin/medal for one of the ten allowed images in the AIP application, or if each side of a coin/medal would need to count as a separate image?

A15: Permission is not required to use line art images that were created for the United States Mint as part of your application. Images of the coins or medals created from line art should not be used.

It is acceptable to include the obverse and reverse line art of a coin or medal as a single composition.

Work Sample Ownership

Q16: Will the five to ten images on the application for AIP’s be considered United States Mint property once submitted?

A16: No, the five to ten images uploaded as work samples will not be considered United States Mint property once submitted, unless they are already currently United States Mint property.

Application Confirmation

Q17: I submitted my application for the Artistic Infusion Program. Google Chrome took a while to send it but there was no confirmation that it actually was sent. Can you tell me, please, if my application was received?

A17: Applications received by the system generate a confirmation web page and send the email address provided a confirmation email. Both will contain a confirmation number unique to your application. If you have not seen either, the system has not received your application. The United States Mint recommends resubmitting your application.

Q18: I recently tried to submit my application for your call for artists. I’m not quite sure that it went through properly – could you let me know if you have successfully received the application and pictures from me?

A18: Please see answer 17 above. If you have received a confirmation email there is no need to resubmit your application. If there is an issue with your application the United States Mint will contact you.

Questions about the Terms and Conditions

Q19: L.5 Contract Award states the United States Mint may… accept other than the lowest offer and states …each initial offer should contain the offeror’s best terms from a cost or price and technical standpoint. Am I to set the terms and price for my work? I thought each project/design had a set fee determined by the US Mint.

A19: Please see the updated version of Clause L.5 Contract Award on the terms and conditions page. The United States Mint has set the price and the terms. Requests to change pricing and terms will not be accepted.

Q20: D.1 Packaging states the contractor is responsible for properly packaging all shipments… What does the contractor ship? Aren’t the designs sent electronically?

A20: Yes, most deliveries are electronic. In the event where something needs to be shipped under this contract, this clause will apply.

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