Timeline of the United States Mint: 2000s

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  • The Sacagawea Golden Dollar is released into circulation.
  • January 18: United States Mint begins shipping the new Sacagawea Golden dollar coin to the Federal Reserve Banks for distribution.
  • March 13: Maryland State quarter released.
  • April 17: The United States Mint announces that the Library of Congress Commemorative Coins, celebrating its 200th anniversary, will be available April 24.
  • May 22: South Carolina State quarter released.
  • May 31: Jay W. Johnson of Wisconsin is sworn in as the 36th Director of the Mint.
  • July 27: Congressional Gold Medal [P.L. 106-250; 114 Stat 622-623] is approved for Pope John Paul II, for his “many and enduring contributions to peace and religious understanding.” Congressional Gold Medal [P.L. 106-251; 114 Stat 624-625] is approved for Ronald and Nancy Reagan, for their “service to the nation”.
  • August 07: New Hampshire State quarter released.
  • October 16: Virginia State quarter released.
  • December 21: Congressional Medal [P.L. 106-554; 114 Stat. 2763A-311-2763a-312] is approved for the Navaho Code Talkers, “in recognition of the contribution of the original 29 Navaho Marine Corps Radio Operators, who distinguished themselves in performing a unique, highly successful communications operation that greatly assisted in saving countless lives and hastening the end of World War II in the Pacific.” Silver medals were given to each person who qualified as a Navajo Code Talker.

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  • January 02: New York State quarter released.
  • March 12: North Carolina State quarter released.
  • May 21: Rhode Island State quarter released.
  • June 29: President George W. Bush appoints Henrietta Holsman Fore of Nevada the 37th Director of the Mint making her sixth woman appointed as the Director of the Mint, and the second woman appointed from the state of Nevada.
  • July 26: Nomination hearings held in the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on Henrietta Holsman Fore as Director of the Mint.
  • August 03: U.S. Senate confirms Henrietta Holsman Fore as Director of the Mint.
  • August 06: Vermont State quarter released.
  • August 07: Henrietta Holsman Fore is sworn in as the 37th Director of the United States Mint.
  • October 15: Kentucky State quarter released.

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  • The United States Mint celebrates its 210th birthday!
  • January 02: Tennessee State quarter released.
  • January 16: Congressional Gold Medal [P.L. 107-127; 115 Stat. 2405-2406] is approved for General Henry H. Shelton, “as a military leader in coordinating the planning, strategy, and execution of the United States and NATO combat action and…invaluable contributions to the United States and to the successful return to peace in the Balkans as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”
  • March 11: Ohio State quarter released.
  • March 19: The United States Mint announces new prices for its bronze medals, effective April 19, 2002. This is the first official price increase since 1995. The “…large three-inch bronze multi-strike duplicate medals are increased from $24.50 to $38.00. The 1-1/2 inch bronze medals from $2.50 to $3.00; and the 1-5/16 inch bronze medals from $1.00 to $2.75…”.
  • May 20: Louisiana State quarter released.
  • August 02: Indiana State quarter released.
  • October 15: Mississippi State quarter released.

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  • Artistic Infusion Program is established to enrich and invigorate the design of United States coins and medals by establishing a pool of outside artists who create and submit new designs for selected coin and medal projects.
  • January 02: Illinois State quarter released.
  • March 17: Alabama State quarter released.
  • June 02: Maine State quarter released.
  • August 04: Missouri State quarter released.
  • October 20: Arkansas State quarter released.
  • October 29: Congressional Gold Medal [P.L. 108-101; 117 Stat. 1195-1197] is approved for Jackie Robinson for his “legacy and personal achievements” and “many contributions to the nation.”
  • December 06: Congressional Gold Medal [P.L. 108-162; 117 Stat. 2017-2019] is approved for Dr. Dorothy Height for her contribution “as one of the preeminent social and civil rights activists of her time, particularly in the struggle for equality, social justice, and human rights for all people.”
  • December 15: Congressional Gold Medal [P.L. 108-180; 117 Stat. 2645-2647] is approved for Reverend Joseph DeLaine, Harry Briggs, Eliza Briggs, and Levi Pearson in recognition of their contributions “to the Nation as pioneers in the effort to desegregate public schools that led directly to the landmark desegregation case of Brown et al. v. the Board of Education of Topeka et al.”

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  • Westward Journey Nickel Series begins for the redesign of the Jefferson five-cent coin in commemoration of the bicentennials of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
  • January 26: Michigan State quarter released.
  • March 29: Florida State quarter released.
  • June 01: Texas State quarter released.
  • August 30: Iowa State quarter released.
  • October 25: Wisconsin State quarter released.

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  • January 19: Anna Escobedo Cabral is sworn in as the 42nd Treasurer of the Unite States.
  • January 31: California State quarter released.
  • April 04: Minnesota State quarter released.
  • June 06: Oregon State quarter released.
  • August 29: Kansas State quarter released.
  • October 14: West Virginia State quarter released.
  • December 22: Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-145) authorized the “Redesign
    and Issuance of Circulating $1 Coins Honoring Each of the Presidents of the United States” (Section 102, amending U.S. Code Title 31, Section 5112). The law also authorized gold coins honoring the First Spouses.

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  • January 31: Nevada State quarter released.
  • April 03: Nebraska State quarter is released.
  • April 11: Congress, in P.L. 109-213, authorizes the Congressional Gold Medal to be awarded to the Tuskegee Airmen, in recognition of their “unique military record…which inspired revolutionary reform in the Armed Forces.”
  • June 14: Colorado State quarter released.
  • June 29: President George W. Bush appoints Edmund C. Moy of Wisconsin 38th Director of the United States Mint. He is the second of two Mint Directors appointed from that state.
  • July 10: Henry M. Paulson is sworn in as the 74th Secretary of the Treasury.
  • July 26: Edmund C. Moy is confirmed by the Senate as the 38th Director of the Mint.
  • August 28: North Dakota State quarter released.
  • September 05: Edmund C. Moy is sworn in as the 38th Director of the Mint by Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson. (Mint Press Release, September 5, 2006)
  • November 06: South Dakota State quarter released.
  • November 06: Mount Rushmore is depicted on the reverse of the South Dakota 50-State Quarter (Washington, Jefferson Teddy Roosevelt, and Lincoln).
  • November 20: Mint Director Edmund C. Moy provided a first glimpse at the new Presidential $1 circulating coins in a presentation at the recently renovated National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. Mr. Moy said: “The new Presidential $1 Coins are an educational and fun way to learn about former Presidents.” (Mint Press Release, November 20, 2006)

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  • January 29: Montana State quarter released.
  • February 15: George Washington Dollar Coin released into circulation. First of the new $1 coins honoring former United States Presidents. (Mint Press Release, Feb. 15, 2007)
  • April 02: Washington State quarter is released.
  • May 17: John Adams Dollar Coin, honoring the second President of the United States, was released into circulation; first coin to feature the image of President Adams. (Mint Press Release, May 22, 2007; A Guide Book of United States Coins, 2008, pp.203-222; 224-226)
  • June 19: Martha Washington and Abigail Adams coins and medals released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program. (Mint Press Release, May 10, 2007)
  • August 03: Idaho State quarter released.
  • August 16: Thomas Jefferson Dollar Coin, honoring the third President of the United States, released to the public. This is the second coin to feature Jefferson, who appeared on several issues of the nickel. (Mint Press Release, August 16, 2007)
  • August 30: Thomas Jefferson Liberty coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program. (Mint Press Release, August 13, 2007)
  • September 04: Wyoming State quarter released.
  • November 05: Utah State quarter released.
  • November 09: Utah State quarter launched.
  • November 15: James Madison Dollar Coin, honoring the fourth President of the United States, is released into circulation. (Mint Press Release, November 9, 2007)
  • November 19: Dolley Payne Todd Madison coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program. (Mint Press Release, November 15, 2007)

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  • January 09: First strike of Oklahoma Quarter took place in a ceremony at the United States Mint at Denver.
  • January 28: Oklahoma State quarter released.
  • February 14: James Monroe Dollar Coin was first released to the public at Ashlawn-Highland, the estate of James Madison; coin honors the fifth President of the United States. At a brief ceremony before the official exchange of bills for coins, a ceremonial pour of hundreds of the shiny, new coins took place.
  • February 14: James Monroe Dollar Coin was officially placed in circulation nationwide. Valentine’s Day was chosen for the release because James Monroe’s daughter, Maria Hester, was married in the first White House wedding.
  • February 28: Elizabeth Monroe coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program.
  • March 13: Mint Director Edmund Moy announces the United States Mint will recreate Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ original ultra-high relief Liberty $20 Gold piece, in a collectible 24-karat gold coin for sale to the public.
  • April 07: New Mexico State Quarter released into circulation at the quarter launch in the Old State Capitol in Santa Fe.
  • May 15: John Quincy Adams Dollar Coin was first released to the public.
  • May 29: Louisa Adams coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program.
  • June 02: Arizona State quarter, the 48th State Quarter, released into circulation at the quarter launch at the State Capital in Phoenix.
  • July 24: Mint Sculptor-Engraver Jim Licaretz wins the 2008 American Numismatic Association’s 2008 Numismatic Art Award for Excellence in Medallic Sculpture.
  • August 14: Andrew Jackson Dollar Coin was first released to the public at the Hermitage, Jackson’s historic home outside Nashville, Tennessee.
  • August 25: Alaska State quarter released.
  • August 28: Andrew Jackson Liberty coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program.
  • September 22: Lincoln One-Cent Designs emblematic of Lincoln’s career and celebrating the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth on February 12, 1809, were unveiled at a ceremony, led by Mint Director Edmund C. Moy, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.
  • November 03: Hawaii State quarter released.
  • November 13: Martin Van Buren Dollar Coin was first released to the public.
  • November 24: First strike at West Point Mint of digitally reproduced Ultra High Relief version of Augustus Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle ($20) Gold Coin.
  • November 25: Martin Van Buren Liberty coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program.

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  • January 22: Ultra High Relief digitally reproduced version of Augustus Saint-Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle Coin released. Created by 21st century technology, four stars are added to represent 50 states, and In God We Trust is added that was not on the 1907 coin. It is made of 24 karat gold rather than the original 21 karat gold.
  • January 26: District of Columbia Quarter released.
  • February 12: United States Mint released first redesigned Lincoln One-Cent Coin in 50 years at
    Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace, Hodgenville, Kentucky, in a ceremony honoring the 200th anniversary of his birth.
  • February 19: William Henry Harrison Presidential $1 Golden Coin first released.
  • February 24: DC Quarter launched in public ceremony at he Smithsonian’s newly renovated National Museum of American History. Mint Director Edmund C. Moy joins DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton at the press conference.
  • March 05: Anna Harrison coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program.
  • March 26: Mint issues the first coin with readable braille at the National Federation of the Blind headquarters in Baltimore.
  • March 30: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Quarter is released.
  • May 14: United States Mint released second redesigned Lincoln One-Cent Coin.
  • May 19: Ceremony honors America’s 10th President John Tyler at the Tyler family home, Sherwood Forest Plantation, near Charles City, Virginia. The ceremony included Deputy Mint Director Andrew Brunhart and President Tyler’s grandson, Harrison Tyler.
  • May 21: John Tyler Presidential $1 Golden Coin first released into general circulation $1 Coin honors the 10th President (April 1841-March 1845).
  • May 26: Guam Territorial Quarter released.
  • July 02: Letiia Tyler coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program.
  • July 27: Letiia Tyler coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program.
  • August 06: Julia Tyler coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program.
  • August 13: United States Mint released third redesigned Lincoln One-Cent Coin.
  • August 20: James K. Polk Presidential $1 Golden Coin released.
  • August 25: Secretary of the Treasury Timothy F. Geithner approved the list of sites to be depicted on America the Beautiful Quarters™ after consultation with Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and the governors or chief executive of each state or territory in which the park or site is located.
  • September 03: Sarah Polk coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program.
  • September 09: United States Mint announces its new circulating Quarter series, the America the Beautiful Quarters™, honoring 56 sites in America’s National Parks, National Forests, and National Wildlife Refuges; quarters will be released in the order that the park or site was first established.
  • September 28: U.S. Virgin Islands Territorial Quarter released.
  • November 12: United States Mint released fourth redesigned Lincoln One-Cent Coin.
  • November 19: Zachary Taylor Presidential $1 Golden Coin released.
  • November 30: Northern Marianas Territorial Quarter released.
  • December 03: Margaret Taylor coin and medal released through the First Spouse Coin and Medal Program.

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