Photographer’s Image Basis for Ocean in View Nickel Design

September 8, 2005

WASHINGTON — The United States Mint is crediting a photograph by Andrew E. Cier of Astoria, Oregon, as a basis for artist Joe Fitzgerald’s image on the reverse of the 2005 Ocean in View nickel. Mr. Cier, a professional photographer, took this photograph of a rocky, western coast line. He said the image captured what Captain William Clark might have seen upon reaching western waters.

The United States Mint will include attribution to Mr. Cier’s photograph in its future materials about the new nickel and will note Mr. Cier’s contribution to the design in its historical archives.

We are pleased to note that collectors will have the chance to meet Mr. Cier when he participates in a Lewis and Clark Signature Event: “Destination: The Pacific” in Astoria, Oregon on November 11–13, 2005.

The photo by Andrew Cier can be viewed on the United States Mint Web site by clicking here . The Ocean in View nickel is the fourth design in the United States Mint’s Westward Journey Nickel Series™, which has followed the Lewis and Clark Expedition westward. The Ocean in View nickel represents the culmination of the explorers’ journey to the western waters. The United States Mint launched the nickel series in 2004 with the Peace Medal nickel, followed by the Keelboat nickel, and then the American Bison nickel in March 2005. A law passed by Congress and approved by President Bush in April 2003, authorized the redesign of the Nation’s nickel for the first time since 1938 to commemorate the bicentennials of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition.


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